2017 Telecommunications Sector

A stick on the wheel of Industry progress is the delay in the auction of the spectrum of 700 Mhz.

In Colombia, where there are now many sectors quite fallen due to the unfortunate and unintelligent tax reform, one must emphasize that has decreased in a very worrying percentage, close to 20%, and is that of telecommunications, especially the of cellular operators.

It has presented situations that have made the money that the concessionaires of this service had ready to be invested in other countries and not in Colombia. One of them was that of the reversal, which, after a tough legal fight in which it was apparently determined that it was not to be done, the state finally charged it and had to pay it. It is not enough to say that this money will come out of the pockets of Colombians who use these services. This demonstrates a legal weakness in the management of telecommunications issues, which generated a difficult barrier to jump when it comes to investing silver.

In recent months another stick has been presented in the wheel of progress in this sector, and is the new delay in the auction of the spectrum of 700 Mhz, which has a positive impact on operators to grow and offer better services, higher speed and lower cost. In addition, the current obstacles, called spectrum stops, should be eliminated, which cause not all operators to compete in that auction, because they would be exceeded. This topic must be studied and reformed so that there is a good balance, good competition and that is fair for all operators.

This, added to the roll of the little legal certainty, makes that many companies that had their talk saved to invest in Colombia have made the decision to invest in other countries that do pay the ground for this key sector for the progress of the Technology to grow. Another factor is that the state is a partner of three of the cell phone operators: Movistar, UNE and ETB. This requires that the converged regulatory entity to be created is independent, so that the state will show balance in the decisions taken on this sector. or sell their stakes. This is indeed necessary, more so when the justices, even in the high courts, are corrupt. The time has come when the state shows Colombians transparency and honesty.

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