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AETERNUM is the place where the greatest minds meet to share their ideas and help people to advance in technological loan. In addition, Aeternum and its email address details are open to all and controlled via community, as having it . the Aeternum brand can participate the actual world decision-making process on funding ideas and help raise funds for future endeavours.

We truly consider that the development of these systems will make everyone happier for scientists who can now freely realize their ideas, people who receive revenue accessible new goods or services and people who receive profits using their investments.

AETERNUM is the most current blockchain-based platform created as an investment place Developing the world of Science, they offer fund management systems to investors for cryptocurrency not only that Aeternum also provides the opportunity to buy some invention, innovation, and discovery for the world’s greatest Science in the future that might change up the world.

they create contracts intelligent compatibel with ERC20 as their currency, known as token AETERNUM (ALF), AETERNUM provide a very conservative so traders will benefit the long-term in their investments, Token ALF as a tool in the sale will be used as payment BitLats, With its conservative structure and approach, Aeternum makes transactions and investments along with a balanced vision.

Bottom line ;

Aeternum is a partner ecosystem with a view to cooking a knowledge economy (Knowledge-based economy) in Latvia with a domestic currency bitlats.

The Science Foundation takes the action to show the public that the intellectual potential of all scientists across the globe can function as a core with the ecosystem.

In basic science, the next council members are: Ojars Spartis, ivars kalvi, aigars rostovkis, valentns jeremejevs, more zaporoec Purpose: to develop a platform, where every individual will have the ability to invest in intellectual property rights of scientists anywhere int he planet. Challenge

today many emerging new digital currencies with various functions and uses but when you of the created criptocurrency is not supported by assets their real world so often harm standard public, may find also projects active in the world of science have assets their real world but hindered by space and funds to develop their programs.


BitLats Solutions

A new crypto currency with support from intellectual property and science by eternum will be given to every ETF token holders have got a valuable value by way of the crypto itself, resulting in increased demand

Aeternum Fund

Investment to acquire a project offers value explaining open to all or any people that Aeternum tokens, this investment is made exclusively through bitlats

City of Smart

aetrenum ecosystem is physically prepared for project development, exchange along with other services that occur in smark contracts in the process using bitlats

Aeternum Finance App

a financial app for a mechanism in the smart box managed by bitlats as exchange

Function of Aeternum token

Traded and Aeternum liquid

token (ALF) has the support of ready-to-market projects that offer a plus for investors as its value will continue to increase

Entrance Ticket

to participate and profit the smart city and Aeternum Fund, you must obtain or own Aeternum Token in order to encourage demand for tokens and increase vehicles . of future tokens.

Priority access for

everyone with AUternum token is a great priority for information regarding project we support is derived from Smart Metropolitan area.

Supported by Market Ready Science Projects

most of the time an ICO is supported by ideas without proven extensions, but Aeternum will spend on projects usually are ready showcase or possess a very good and proven scope, as well have market demand.

Growing Value as Profit

The reinvested 25% return generated using the Aeternum Fund will happen reinvested consequently generating an even greater return within future.

Smart City

We will build a clever city to help science projects achieve positive effects. Part of the return generated by Aeternum Fund will be from Smart City.

Use of Token Aeterum

Receive ROI

50% within the profits generated by the Aeternum Fund will be applied to mine the new Crypto Currency (BitLats) which turn is sent by air-drop to ALF Places.


in ALF Exchange often be traded over an exchange, therefore, you constantly have the alternative to sell your ALF token.

Use ALF to inside your niche . Smart City

Token Aeternum holders will be able to access the possibilities created by Smart City and / or buy goods or services due to Smart City Members.

The first platform obtainable investment services to help develop the world of science, as stick to that no platfrom other than Eternum has offered similar services, Ethernum is also embraced by ALL In one financial applications, using Criptocurrency as an investment and exchange tool a lot of other platforms we have met

Funding Objectives of the Aeternum Fund

1. 10% Environmental Development

2. 20% non-technical manpower Investment

3. 30% for Deep Science Project

4. 40% smart city Info Aeterum Token and ICO details Token Function: Token Token Token Token: ALF Token made: 300 million token Sales volume: 270 million token Token price 1 ALF = 1 EUR Payment Method: Crypto soft Hat: 1000 000 EUR Hard Hat: 300 000 000 EUR Token distribution: 90% Crowdsale 10% reserve token owned Private round: 01.01.2018. – 02.04.2018. Pre ICO: 02.04.2018. – 30.04.2018. Round of ICO: 1 01.06.2018. – 30.06.2018.

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