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The Global Container Shipping Industry is one of those worlds largest businesses. It had a total value of around 12 trillion US dollars in 2017. It also accounted for approximately 60% of total sea borne trade. It’s clearly among the very essential and most effective industries in transit and transaction. However, the delivery sector isn’t without its problems, and those problems have been around for a while now. Shipping Industry is suffering from overcapacity, low prices, security problems and increasing ecological regulations. Its digitalization can also be long overdue. Fortunately, with the usage of both blockchain and crypto currencies the team behind BLOCKSHIPPING came up with the answer.
GSCP is actually a impartial, global platform for all of the players from the container transportation industry — carriers, ports, terminals, transport businesses, and more.
The project is mainly based on”Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP)”. This stage is centered on blockchain and intentions to supply instantaneous and live follow up of all of the containers on earth. The best thing about this is that the instantaneous recycling of empty import containers for both export and also the reduction of empty container placement costs for container lines. The platform’s capabilities will help over come the overcapacity of container shipping, in addition to eliminate environmental pollution by reducing countless tons of carbon dioxide. To put it differently, they are going to make container transport work more systematic, controlled, rewarding and transparent with this particular stage they develop in block chain infrastructure.

Vision of this GSCP Platform
>To become the stage for managing operational payments clearing between stakeholders associated with physical handling and sharing of containers.
>To develop into the shipping industry’s chief IOT platform for real time tracking of containers enabling real time visibility of containers to most stakeholders.
>Into Monetise data insights predicated on Machine Learning, IOT data, AI, along with blockchain data.

How it Work?


Blockshipping Platform Solution
The Blockshipping (GSCP) platform was made to create key processes in container handling globally more productive and thus resolve some of the very important issues inside the container shipping industry today, with the GSCP platform now list complete blockchain container resources (like registration ships) where worldwide container inventory, will probably be recorded along with the real location location of each container worldwide.

>A comprehensive registry
The provider plans to think of an exact tracking system or registry to enable shipping businesses and their clients to track shipping containers using IoT technology.

>Payment platform
The corporation’s GSCP may even act like a payment platform for all stakeholders. This will radically reduce government costs and other inefficiencies.

>Greybox Prospect
This project can allow shipping companies and other stakeholders from the business to discover and match up shipping opportunities that allow the sharing of containers and reduce cost.

>Street turn chance
Shipping containers employed from the export and import procedure tend to be used. Since the GSCP recommends for registry and tracking systems, for example empty containers are getting to be utilized by both exporters and importers without any confusion in inland depots or vents.

>Reduce container fleet
Even the Blockshipping’s GSCP will come up with a technology that’ll reduce the variety of container fleet that the delivery provider uses.

>Automated processes
Within this platform automated processes that make the shipping process more productive and lowers the total delivery cost.


Token Details
ICO Dates: May 14, 2018 – June 14, 2018
Name: Blockshipping
Symbol: CCC
Total number of CCC tokens issued: 50,000,000
Number of tokens offered during the ICO: 42,500,000
Number of tokens held by founders and advisors: 7,500,000
Tokens to be sold during pre-sale and the ICO: 40,000,000
Number of tokens to be given as bonuses: 2,500,000
Price per token during the ICO: USD 0.62
Total ICO revenue: USD 24,800,000
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC and banking transfers (USD & EUR)

Types of tokens:
>CPT (Token Container Platform) – the use of this token is possible between the participants inside the platform. This is the internal network token.
>CCC (Crypto Container Coin) – is a token of shared income distribution. Token standard ERC20 on the platform Ethereum.



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