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About Bob’s Repair

Bob’s Repair is a company created to remove cheating at an Accredited trading services industry by launching a decentralized web site where everybody can execute a lookup based on earlier transactions for virtually any worker and see just how a lot of services they will have.
Bob’s Repair founder was connecting contractors with consumers as 2013, serving 55,000 buyers and earning over $ 1,000,000 in revenues to their builders throughout promotion campaigns. The brothers then decided touse block-chain technology to fix important problems affecting modern day home advancement marketplace by establishing up Bob’s Repair. Bob’s Repair’s mission is always to completely eradicate cheating and intermediaries in the business, attracting all consumers instantaneous and economical, transparency and reassurance of mind if you are looking for builders.

Bob’s Repair can utilize a Sensible Deal to withhold payment on Escrow and remove it when the landmark is done. That is building a Reputable Transaction Network where buyers may set landmarks with contractors and launch capital after completing each phase of this project.Smart contract - cryptocontract is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currency or assets between parties below certain conditions. Intelligent contracts not just characterize tips and punishments around the same understanding as traditional contracts, nevertheless they can also authorize that commitment. Without a creative broker is ensured user-friendly.


Bob’s Repair’s assignment is to totally eliminate cheats and Intermediaries in the industry, taking all of buyer’s direct expenses and also low priced, transparency and peace of mind if locating a contractor.

Consider WITH Blockchain

Bob’s improvement is to build a community of credible groups. Even the Network wherever the consumer will clarify the milestones with all the contractor along with also free the funds later completing each and every phase of the project.


Back in 2014, Bob’s Repair has improved greater than 50,000 clients by Connecting customers to contractors through a representative worker Trade Platform (STWP). Now we are projected to enlarge to the very top 100 US Markets.


Bob’s developments can benefit from a Great Deal to Earn payments In a written agreement and publish them like a square-size milestone finished.

Why We Utilize BlockChain?

We prefer touse blockchain technologies, because this tech is more secure than the typical technology today. Unlike technologies that are conventional, blockchain technology does not want a thirdparty, so that it’s safer and cost-effective. And blockchain technology is a minimal system error, so that tech is much simpler and trustworthy. We’ll develop Bob Apps on STEEM blockchain, that consists of complex iOS, Android and mobile programs.

This program can use Blockchain engineering to address bogus review issues by other users. This application may save all monetary transactions which occur on block chain technologies that we’ve designed in such a manner. If a trade occurs between the purchaser and the contractor, an individual leaves the inspection, and the system will automatically link the review into this true financial transaction. Having a system like this, we will demonstrate the actual data in light of the true financial trade, or so the buyer can expect the inspection is both unchanged and real.


Shrewd Assets

Shrewd contracts make sure each of gatherings included. Bob’s Repair will Use advised contracts maintain installments preserved and issue them since developments are finished.

Trust with BlockChain

Deceitful audits mislead clients. Bob’s Repair will utilize Blockchain invention to connect real monetary exchanges to surveys, using trust back to the analysis treatment.

Straight-forward Pricing

An absence of straightforwardness in estimating attracts Greater Expenses for purchasers. Bob’s Repair will let clients to comprehend just how much contractual workers have beforehand been charging for comparative employments, creating estimating straightforward.

STEEM BlockChain

Bob’s Repair will use the STEEM Block Chain because of its Three second trade time, no exchange outlays, ability to upvote, hail posts, and produce a client notoriety.

Demonstrated History

The Prandecki siblings have ahead encouraged greater than 50,000 Administration brings creating more than $1,000,000 USD in income. They know the difficulties confronting the residence repair industry and how exactly to repay them.

No Marketing Charges

Contenders charge boosting expenses for contractual workers. Contractual workers move this expense onto buyers. Bob’s Repair wont bill promoting expenses, which can cause lower expenses for customers and better borders for contractual employees.

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