CARDSTACK – Experience Layer of Blockhain

Are usually the cards?
Cardstack wants to think about every app or dApp that you use and break them down into their basic actionable things. Cards are the basic output of apps. Facebook is known for its newsfeed, a social network and a messenger. Each of this can be a separate card. Cards can be for any involving service, cloud or decentralized and could be loaded to create an all in a single solution. Cardstack is building the experience layer of the decentralized internet; it’s a way internet applications can meet up with one another; all the block chain intercommunication internet connection. It essentially brings decentralization for the mass market.

Benefits of Cardstack:
-One token to for everything, it is not necessary anymore to train different associated with tokens every single of the requirements you are using
-Only pay for the features you probably are using, eradicate useless/overlapping features and overpayment
-All-in-one solution, there is no need for switching between apps anymore
-Security and transparency due to the blockchain technology

Cardstack advantages:
-One token to buy multiple services that require payment; eliminating the depend on for managing multiple payed accounts
-Gather data for several apps all under a single area instead of multiple individual apps
-Pay for only safety measure use and need
-Tie block chain and non-block chain apps together easily.

Who will make use of it?
-Anyone makes use of multiple Apps & DApps to finish a single workflow will find Cardstack very important. At its core Cardstack is a platform for users to switch and simplify their workflows so the potential audience is large.
-The core members belonging to the Cardstack ecosystem are:
-Prospects Which include users that creates cards for everyday exploit.
-Makers Software developers and service providers that contribute cards to the ecosystem.
-Analytic Miners These miners calculate the amount of rewards that the makers additionally the miners receive.

How Cardstack work?
Cardback in order to break down every feature of every app or dApp you are using his or her basic areas. Each component is defined as a Card. As an example the messenger purpose of Whatsapp, which represents a card could be combined while using the soccer liveticker/newsfeed, which represents another plastic. By doing so, Cardstack is creating one simple all-in-one solution for every kind of app credit. Users then can choose and have enough money for the features they really need to have as well as leaving unnecessary ones out.

In ICO a predetermined quantity belonging to the cryptocurrency under view is available for sale to investors in exchange for fiat money additional established digital money. In the case of cardstack, CARD is sold in connected with token’ to investors often for Ethereum cryptocurrency. Can pertinent to note that cardstack token sale only accepts Ethereum. With a total of 10 billion tokens available, necessarily about 2 billion of choices tokens are made for sale for the token sale. Interested investors will have to enter on the cardstack website in order to be eligible token sales. There is a selection of benefits associated with investing in the cardstack cryptocurrency.

Cardstack Token
Name: Cardstack Token
Symbol: CARD
Token Type: ERC20 on Ethereum
Hard cap: $35,000,000 in USD
Soft cap: $10,000,000 in USD
Token Created at TGE: 6,000,000,000 CARD
Token Available for Public at TGE: 2,400,000,000 CARD (40%)
Bonus for Pre-Allocation: 10%
TGE Date: Q1 2018
Method of Contribution: ETH
Maximum Number of Tokens: 10,000,000,000 CARD in 2028


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Whitepaper :
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