FRASCOIN – Generate Routine Passive Income

Frasindo is a company may bolster the world of online transport and the field cryptocurrency, using capital from ICO to develop real business in the transportation sector and will promise dividends / profits for token owners, this is a great concept and rarely stumbled upon.
This project will really do the first companies that fully cooperate to be the use-cases of blockchain technology and example of all blockchain ability. Unlike other coin, frascoin gives routine incomes in digital Asset up to 40%/year plus Free car usage and lots benefits.

But, still many problems exist in the sector which discourages people to invest. A few of the problems are mentioned below.
-Lack of transparency and activity
-Not backed by any reals assets to safeguard the company
-Lack of proper roadmap and Goals to earn revenue
-Lack of failproof Plan to protect the member of the community
-Selling false hopes and idea without any prototype and solution

FRASCOIN is offering real value to the customers with a failproof plan. It is a company in Indonesia involved in the car rental business. Its partners are UBER, GRAB and GOCAR. Having a real asset backing, it is a self-sustainable blockchain incubator which provides people with a unique investment option. The company is legally registered in Indonesia with the physical office and a transparent business model.

-It provides free car usage facility along with drivers. Well, how about going out with your family on a business vacation?
-The child projects in the platform will be awarded 10% giveaway of coins which is sure going to benefit them.
-The growth of the company varies and the profit coming from the company is going to help it in even tough times.
-The Buyback feature is an add-on. This helps to keep the coins safe from dump and pump.

-24/7 real observable live Activities by GPS & Camera, Help us securing the company
-Backed by real Assets, and the assets Certificate are Escrowed by NXT Foundation
-Fully EStablished companies, not much research needed anymore, completing the less
-PROVIDE Routine Passive Income, may never worry on market downturn times
-Legalized and REGULATED by the government, included in 2020 indo-transportation master-plan
-Everything about frasindo, anytime, anywhere, as easy from your phone

FRAS coin is the official token for Frasindo project. It is a utility coin backed by real assets. It will operate on top of Ardor Ignis Stellar blockchain. It is a multi-blockchain platform. The token supply for the ICO is 100 million FRAS coins. The limited supply helps retain the price of the coin. The best way to get these coins is through crowdsale. FRAS coins don’t have any right to company ownership. Token holders get additional 10% coins during company expansion. The deadline for ICO is 21rd February 2018.

Token Allocation
Total FRAS Coin for crowdsale : constant 71,140,160FRAS (+Bonus morning time) allotted through crowdsale
Bounty & Marketing : consistently two% from the total opinions, in total 1,814,800FRAS, dispensed through a lot of bounty programs
FRAS Coin bought to initial supporter :
consistently 1,260,000FRAS will be reserved and allotted to present initial supporters in which investment 7cars in operational
In element 1,050,000 FRAS(7cars x 150,000FRAS) &and& +20% Bonus (210,000FRAS).

Token Sale and distribution
The crowdsale has already started from 15th February and will end by 15th April 2018.
The Round 1 is open for 4 days and will provide a 20% bonus.
The Round 2 is open for 5 days and will provide an 18% bonus.
The Round 3 is open for 6 days and will provide a 15% bonus.
The Round 4 is open for 7 days and will provide a 10% bonus.
The Round 5 is open for 10 days and will provide a 7% bonus.
The Round 6 is open for 13 days and will provide a 5% bonus.
The Round 7 is open for 15 days and will provide a 0% bonus.

If the token will not be sold out on ICO, management makes the remaining purchases and thus will fix the price and affect the token growth. They have such financial opportunities. Another advantage of token holders is that they will be able to receive monthly income depending on the amount of crypts they have. Dividends will be sent from the car rental company daily and to convert from Fiat to digital currency. Thus, investors will be able to generate a good additional income.

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