Google Offers its Free Software to Microsoft Office Users Who Leave it

Google hardened its attacks against the lucrative package of Microsoft Office programs, was reported on Monday, in an attempt to hit its old rival where it hurts.

The goal is companies and government agencies that pay to work with the word processor, email, calendar, spreadsheet and other Office programs.

If they leave Microsoft, Google will allow them to use their own parcel without cost, which usually costs 5 to 10 dollars per user a month.

“Google for Work” software will be free for as long as customers have the contract with Microsoft or any other vendor. The offer will be open for the next six months in the United States and at some point will extend to other countries.

Google is limiting free use to 3.000 people per customer defector. Even with that restriction, the company expects 180.000 to 360.000 dollars in annual revenue if a company with 3.000 people accepts the offer.

Google pays for costs incurred in change

As an additional incentive, the company offers a payment of up to $75.000 to each company that changes its software to cover the cost of making the change.

Google, which is now owned by a newly formed company, called Alphabet Inc., did not mean how much you have budgeted for this recent attack on Microsoft Corp. Google estimates that more than 600 companies have at least 10.000 employees who use Work.

The offer highlights Google’s confidence in the quality of its software and is determined to hit one of Microsoft’s most profitable franchises, said Jim Lundy, an analyst at Aragon Research. The specialist estimates that Microsoft customers currently pay 12 to 20 dollars per user under contracts that last for several years.

Office generated $23.5 million of dollars to Microsoft, almost a third of the revenues of the software company, in the fiscal year that ended in June.

Digital advertising continues to represent virtually all of Google’s income, which totaled $66 million last year. The Mountain View-based company, California, has earmarked some of the money to subtract Microsoft’s dominance from the Office software since it introduced a series of rival programs nearly a decade ago.

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