HADA DBANK – Digital bank to fuse islamic banking modul white blockchain technology

What is a HADA DBANK?

Hada DBank is that the initial digital bank to link Islamic banking with BlockChain Technology, to form moral banking AN system and accountable. we tend to presently suffer from harassment of our banks and monetary establishments against our customers. There square measure players United Nations agency earn cash from nothingness with debt and interest. this is often the rationale that the world economy has folded from time to time, as a result of it’s emerged since the first century. the shortage of responsibility that the bank has been defendant of is sort of daring. that’s why we tend to selected to become a neighborhood of the institution of the bank, the involved bank and in person presently the present monetary revolution.

Hada DBNK Digital Bank can become the world’s initial block channel to fuse Islamic banking modules with a BlackChan technology, to form moral banking AN system and accountable. Since the bank’s current digital and block channel, new fashioned bank has centered on ancient banking services, we’ve got set to win Islamic banking services because of the shortage of such facilities. In the year 2016, Islamic banking is around $ 1.5 trillion worldwide.

We will raise capital for the event of Hada DBAK by means that of HADACoin. consumers are going to be ready to use HADACoin to conduct a banking dealings or daily activity. Our customers are going to be discharged with a charge account credit, that permits them to form transactions with our HADASEON within the platon of banking or alternative traders round the world.

Islamic banks square measure less risky and harder than their peers thanks to the side of their capital wants and therefore the quality of their bank deposits. not like usual banking services, deposits in shariah law banks have the proper to receive info concerning what banks do with cash. They even have the proper to vote, during which their cash should be endowed. monotheism banks additionally obtain to avoid interest in the slightest degree levels of monetary transactions and encourage the sharing of risks between lenders and borrowers.

There square measure 2 basic principles in shariah law banking. one in every of them is that the distribution of profits and losses; and 2, to an oversized extent, a ban on interest assortment and payment to creditors and investors. Collective interest or “Riba” is inadmissible below shariah law. In terms of profit, each the bank ANd its customers in an united kind. just in case of loss, all monetary losses are incurred by the mortal. additionally, monotheism banks can’t produce debt while not product and services to support it (ie physical assets, as well as machinery, instrumentation and inventory). Thus, our deposits, deposits and investments with DBank are supported by physical assets like precious metals and precious stones.

Technology Huda DBank

Hudana DBank, that uses personal block chains, that gets deposited in every node within the network. By default, the nodes square measure controlled by the Hada DBNK. Some nodes solely save the copy of Blocken and failed to participate within the method of Confirometria transcnet (consensus protocol). This node will act as a entryway node or backup server. A node that acts as a validator may be found on the network phase that is secured from the bank and created on the market through the entryway node.

Why monotheism Banking?

There square measure two basic principles in law banking. One is that the sharing of profits and losses; and a pair of, significantly, the prohibition of interest assortment and payment by creditors and investors. aggregation interest or “Riba” isn’t allowable below jurisprudence. From the profit aspect, every the bank and its customers square measure in accordance with the in agreement proportion. If there’s a loss, all cash losses square measure borne by the loaner. in addition, monotheism banks cannot turn out debt whereas not product and services to support it (ie physical assets furthermore as machinery, equipment, and supplies). Therefore, deposits, deposits and investments with DBank square measure supported by physical assets like precious metals and gemstones.

Features and Benefits of Elsklisif Hada DBank

1.Encrypted free account & e-Wallet

a.smartphone — banking applications
b. Non-Smart Phone — SMS / USSD Code

2. Savings & Withdrawals

a. Minimum 5% return on savings per year
b. No withdrawal fees

3. Transfer, Remittance & Exchange

a. free transfer and remittance fees (fiat and cryptocurrency) between personal storage account and e-wallet
b. minimum 0% fee on exchange transactions via HADA Exchange (between crytocurrency). There is no charge on the primary FIAT currency during crypto currency-fiat exchanges.
c. Connect with partners or open the API to get better interest rates for other currencies

4.Loan & Investment
a. 0% Loan Interest
b. 10% minimum investment return

5. Real-Time Payments Real-Time
Payments use HADACoin and Cryptocurrencies / Tokens through our Debit Card


Buyers are ready to use HADACoin to conduct banking transactions or daily activities. Our customers are issued with a open-end credit, that permits them to interact with our HADACoin, at intervals the banking noble metal or different merchants round the world.

The transactions square measure registered and hold on within the blocks. the most information is dead within the blockchain network. every block is cryptographically coupled to the previous block. This ensures the protection and additionally the privacy. every part block is handled by a separate set of functions.

The customers also can perform the money withdrawals from the ATMs by partnering with the banks globally. there’s no service or the withdrawal fee for the purchasers and thence the purchasers will get pleasure from the free transactions.

HADACoin Distribution

A total of 500 million HADACoins will be issued. 295 million coins will be offered for sale. Of the 295 million coins, 20 million will be allocated to private investors and insttutonal buyers. 50 Million coins 275 Million will be released during the PRA-ICO exercise and the remaining 225 million coins will be released in our ICO practice in the near future. 10 million coins will be allocated to the gift campaign.

Pre-ICO Funding Target

Soft Cap = 5,000 ETH
Hard Cap = 20,000 ETH

Website : https://www.hada-dbank.com/

Whitepaper : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6jeg5pf8qltxpq0/Hada_DBank_WhitePaper.pdf?dl=0

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hadadbank.official/

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2607739

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HadaDBank

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hadadbank/

Telegram : https://t.me/HADADBank

Medium : https://medium.com/@hadadbank

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