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What is Lympo?
The Lympo app may be a digital health and welfare notecase that tracks effort information via smartphones and wearables, satisfying users with Lympo tokens once they hit their fitness and attentiveness targets by utilizing blockchain technology. Tokens awarded may be wont to purchase health product and services.
Lympo aims to make Associate in Nursing system power-driven by user generated and managed user health and fitness information to modify price exchange through the introduction of LYM utility tokens. Lympo’s goal is that the market wherever the information itself is employed expeditiously by members of the system and everybody is equally rewarded.
LYMPO comes with innovative solutions to make health and sports member ecosystems that expeditiously utilize user-generated information to supply the most effective health care solutions. This creates a marketplace for totally different health applications to act and exchange services through LYM Utility. There area unit 3 main elements of the LYMPO system. the primary half is that the LYMPO Digital notecase and also the second half is that the LYMPO market.

The Lympo Market
This Token may be wont to purchase merchandise and services on the market from existing Lympo platforms that pile up over five hundred fitness professionals and so expand into a massive network of sports, health, health and welfare suppliers.

How it Works Lympo?
Users live a healthy way
Goal: hunt for personalised and personalised way product and services, look for to profit from the information generated, store health information and exercise in one place.
Benefits: further and fun motivations to attain healthy way goals, legitimise user-generated information, mixture information for viewing or sharing, verify the utilization of more information and valuation, receive customised services supported interests and health information.
Personal trainers and sports coaches
Objective: Sell services, attract new purchasers, manage shopper progress.
Benefits: simply monitor the system for accomplishment and rewards, Fitness progress gamification for purchasers, distinctive price proposition for advertising.
Goal Gyms : Attract purchasers to gymnasium locations, market new services, optimize the utilization of the gymnasium.
Benefits: a gift system to push gymnasium visits at sure times. observation user progress. Promote loyalty by organizing cluster challenges.
Sports and business health
Objective: Sell products, selling to the proper key audience.
Benefits: Interaction with customers through reward system. Insights from user information from multiple platforms. Innovative selling tools. Partnership with token system firms.
Health insurance
Objective: Eat a healthy way, analyze existing shopper information, reach potential customers.
Benefits: an excellent incentive for a healthy way. Data-driven management selections area unit supported by shopper information.
Objective: Grow the amount of healthy and happy staff, longing for convenient and reliable ways to push sports.
Benefits: A fun and useful gizmo to supply healthy way incentives. potential for a tailor-made challenge for each worker to handle.

How can Lympo’s healthy living scheme be built?
Lympo’s health billfold are going to be launched in many stages. To bring the merchandise to the market as presently as potential, the Lympo token are going to be used as a utility token on the prevailing Lympo platform to buy on-line and offline coaching sessions with the simplest fitness trainer, together with coaching or sports work sessions, consultation by a physiotherapist or specialist.
Lympo users are going to be able to benefit of Lympo’s fitness billfold to urge gift tokens to attain coaching objectives. As additional and additional associates be part of, the Lympo token are going to be wont to access a spread of healthy life-style merchandise and services like activewear and shoes, healthy food and athletic facility with the likelihood of rewarding health goals with the assistance of good contracts.

Pre-sale begins on 23 January at 12:00 GMT +1 London time and ends on 3 February 23:59
London time (GMT + 1) or when the hard cover is reached.

  • 150,000,000 LYM
  • Bonus 20% for the first 30 million LYM
  • Bonus 10% for the next 20 million LYM
  • The rest: 1 ETH ~ 30,000 LYM
  • There is no minimum threshold
  • Max threshold during pre-sale ~ 10,000,000 LYM, ie 286 ET
  • Unsold tokens will be burned

Token begins on March 15th at 12:00 GMT +1 London time and ends on March 25 23:59
London time (GMT + 1) or when the hard cover is reached.

  • 500,000,000 LYM
  • There is no minimum threshold
  • Max threshold of 12,000,000 LYM, which is 600 ETH
  • 20% bonus for the first 80 million LYM
  • The rest: 1 ETH ~ 20,000 LYM
  • Unsold tokens will be burned


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