MARK.SPACE is associate open provide platform for creation of 3D/VR areas and objects of any purpose, to boot as their quick launch and integration into a completely unique theme. The platform is maintained by a crypto economy and is powered bythe Blockchain. MARK.SPACE supports all net browsers (preferably Chrome) and, at an identical time, is compatible with CardBoard, optic and HTC Vive. A PC is all that’s needed to make a progressive VR store, office, community or completely different house for either business or amusement. The MARK.SPACE universe is created of an honest amount of VR areas (units), where each unit is coupled on to its own ranking domain. The holding of units is secure by recording all transactions with units (to turn out, sell or rent) on the blockchain. All unit owners may acquire, sell and/or rent their units to others through use of excellent contracts. MARK.SPACE has its own MARK token (MRK), a utility token used as internal currency. The MRK token permits all users to sell and procure VR units and objects, consume varied product and use services, pay earnings to their workers and procure ads to promote their businesses through the platform. GPU-miners world organisation agency area unit rendering VR areas and objects for the platform’s users additionally can receive rewards in MRK tokens (POW conception).

The main set up of MARK.SPACE is to administer the world a straightforward tool tocreate and launch any VR/3D project, and to do and bang quickly, whereas not necessary costs. Secondly, all comes created on our platform area unit accessible from most traditional devices, like a PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones — through any web-browser and whereas not the need to use a VR-headset. The project was fashioned with the thought to leverage VR technologies that merely appeared, thus on type a world where everything would jibe world as shut as potential.


MARK.SPACE’s main plan is to grant the globe a straightforward tool for making and launching VR / 3D comes, and doing them quickly, while not vital value. Secondly, all comes engineered on our platform area unit accessible from most normal devices, like PCs, laptops, smartphone tablets — through net browsers and while not the requirement to use VR headsets. The project is constructed on the concept of utilizing the freshly rising VR technology, to form a world during which everything can match world to the fullest.

Conten Creation

The MARK.SPACE platform is meant to grant users all the tools necessary for the creation of VR content. this model permits the creation of VR house, residential, shared and business housing (offices and malls), stuffed with parts of article of furniture, interior style, instrumentation and pre-selected transmission content. within the future, there’ll be the choice to feature user-generated digital content like articles, books, paintings and music.

Currently, we have a tendency to area unit developing our own scripting languages that enable users to form 3D objects and their own apps. or else, you’ll be able to simply virtualize the within of associate degree existing building employing a 360 ° camera and import it into MARK.SPACE.

Virtual Reality Market

The market share of AR or VR can grow from USD eleven.4 billion in 2017 to USD 215 billion by 2021. VR is quite simply a game; it is also e-commerce, business, education, science, industry and plenty of alternative fields. All MARK.SPACE locations area unit totally operational 3D zone in any browser and compatible with all VR headsets. This resolution will increase users and content suppliers by a dozen factors. exploitation VR or helmet specs is associate degree possibility, that unveil distinctive opportunities for the event of the economic sector of the web.


MARK.SPACE is that the basic Unit of Virtual assets properties with associate degree open supply address. The list of property accounting for every unit is maintained at Blockchain, that ensures the protection of non-public knowledge. Units are often sold-out or hired to alternative users through good contracts.

Token Sale
Symbol: MRX
Inventory Token: 3,000,000,000
Maximum Purchase: 10,000 ETH / 3000000 MRX
Minimum Purchase: 0.001 ETH / 3 MRX
Token Price: $ 0,1

Pre-ICO 31 October 2017 — November 17, 2017
ICO November 21, 2017 — December 21, 2017
Payment system using ETH and BTC
Hard Cap : 77,300,000 USD

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ETH address 0xC53AF309cb2c85F830148EDf1dfa4B2520E56594

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