What is Medichain?
Medichain is AN innovative technology and a breakthrough within the field of drugs. Medichain could be a decentralised, distributed ledger for storing medical records. It permits patients to stay their own medical records making certain security. it’s a brand new ICO victimisation blockchain technology.

MediChain Operations
An app or device is offered by that the patient would have the chance to own a reference supplemental to AN Ethereum blockchain that could be a decentralised digital record bearing on knowledge that’s collected regarding such patient, through the device or medical practitioners, administrating a prescription or remedy or outright shopping for of a non-prescribed medication.
The blockchain is a record for storing functions and it additionally encloses the hashes that approve the offchain knowledge. The blockchain system can understand or record of great medical data off-chain, crammed by a primarily honest cryptographical information, unbroken by a system of non-public computers that’s hospitable anybody running the code and has the patient’s consent or authorization to induce to the actual cryptographical key. once these ar properly applied and cling to, the patient can have extra management of their data and reorganised the interchange of medical records in such how that it’ll be safe.

Just like a traditional hospital where certain amount is allocated to each services, on the MediChain platform, utility token known as MediChain Utility Tokens (MCU) is introduced and it will be useful in the following areas:
1. Research Program Voting
2. To buy personal medical data storage and transfer.
3. To Purchase Personal medical data services
4. MediChain Utility discount
5. Institutional medical data services including diagnosis.
6. Research medical data services.

Medichain Token
During Medichain ICO, tokens will be issued to investors. The Medichain utility token (MCU) is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. The token can be used to carry out transactions on the Medichain platform.
Token holders benefit in a number of ways:

  • nstitutional Medical Data Services (including Diagnosis)
  • Medical Research Data Services
  • Any/All additional future business transactions on the MediChain Platform
  • Research Program Voting. Get the chance to determine the focus of future research
  • Personal Medical Data Storage and transfer
  • Personal Medical Data Services
  • MCU Discounts

Medichain ICO
The Medichain ICO is an event where funds for its whitepaper project will be sourced for. The pre-sale started on September 15th 2017 and ICO will commence on 1st of March and end on the 1st of May.
The ICO token allocation to investors represents 40% of the total token supply. The price for each allocated will be $1. Medichain aims at generating a fund set at $40,000,000 USD.
Definition of terms:
1. 1FA — tap or swipe the card
2. 2FA — Chip and pin or chip and password,
3. 3FA — Chip and pin plus fingerprint or iris scan
4. EMRs — Electronic Medical Records

Mark Baker — CEO & Founder
Katy Blackwell — Team Manager
Samuel Dare — Blockchain Engineer
Giannis Stathopoulos — Business Development & Operations
Mark Shorter — Creative Director / UX Specialist and Designer
Naomi Ellis — PR Specialist and Designer
Yilin (Linda) Wen — Business Development
Matt Ganeles — Business Development
Rob Moya — UX/UI Designer and Developer
Augustín Cassani — Blockchain Engineer
Boris Shevchenko — Ethereum Engineer & Web Developer
David Forbes — Software Developer
Aizhan Seraly — IR & Business Development
Akhila Nandanavanam — Traffik Management
Ron Cafferky — Business Development
Raúl van Riezen — Business Development & Finance
Youli Pan — Business Development
Skye Bye — HR Assistant
Pedro Silva — Business Development

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