Myriads – A Machine Learning Platform

MYRIADS may be a decentralised Machine Learning Network for everybody,
Based on Blockchain and Developed for GPU house owners. Myriads.IO team is creating new hardware and software approach to machine learning. it’s project that aims to modify AI by investment blockchain technology. we tend to tend to believe that suburbanized machine learning could also be a brand new historic amount.
Myriads may be a new machine learning network that’s decentralised and supported blockchain. The system permits for computing power of GPUs to investigate giant amounts of knowledge and build predictions. looking on the accuracy of the predictions, the miners area unit rewarded consequently.
With the Myriads network, humans don’t set the costs of machine learning services. costs area unit perpetually regulated supported user demand and existing resources. The network is open supply, reliable, clear, secure, and fully decentralised. With the Myriads network, miners will earn financial gain within the variety of MRDS tokens once disposition their hardware. consumers area unit ready to obtain victimisation this procedure power.

About Myriads.IO
The team is making new hardware and software system approach to machine learning. it’s projected that aims to decentralize AI by investing blockchain technology. we tend to believe that suburbanized machine learning may be a new age. technical school giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet sell machine learning GPUs powers with superprofits. we wish to deconcentrate this method and send superprofits to GPUs miners to form helpful computations (do not wastingkWs for unuseful calculations).

Why Should MYRIADS?

  • Blockchain based
    MYRIADS — P2P networks are autonomous and decentralized for machine learning based on blockchain. A transparent, reliable and secure solution. There is no central authority or intermediary.
  • 40% -50% Less Expensive
    The lowest price is based on the perfect market. No human set a price for ML services, the network continually adjusts the price with the lowest possible cost based on existing resources and user demand
  • Superior Incentivization Structure
    Users pay with MRDS tokens for large amounts of computing power for machine learning. Miners earn money through by leasing out their hardware.

Why bought to MYRIADS?
Blockchain primarily based
MYRIADS — P2P networks area unit autonomous and decentralised for machine learning supported blockchain. A clear, reliable and secure resolution. there’s no central authority or negotiator.
40% -50% more cost-effective
The lowest worth relies on the proper market. No human set a worth for mil services, the network frequently adjusts the worth with rock bottom attainable value supported existing resources and user demand
Superior Incentivization Structure
Users pay with MRDS tokens for giant amounts of computing power for machine learning. Miners earn cash through by leasing out their hardware.

Myriads.IO resolution
Myriads.IO is that the decentralised protocol manufacturing a distributed machine learning design victimisation blockchain technology. Our system permits idle GPUs computing power to analyse huge information and predict the long run, whereas appreciated miners for the accuracy of their predictions.

Market summary
The various coloured bars mirror the performance of varied approaches to machine learning using a dataset of eighty elementary and technical factors relating to a mean of one,000 listed stocks from Dec 1989 through to Sept 2017.

Pharm McKinsey estimates that vast information and machine learning in pharm and drugs could generate a value of up to $100B annually, supported higher decision-making, optimized innovation, improved efficiency of study /clinical trials, and new tool creation for physicians, consumers, insurers, and regulators.

Computer Vision
Image classification continues to be a extremely troublesome field in portable computer vision and machine learning. in step with a replacement report from Tractica, the globe marketplace for portable computer vision hardware and code will increase from $6.6 billion in 2015 to $48.6 billion annually by 2022.

Fraud Detection
Fraud detection and hindrance value forty one.59 Billion USD by 2022. As according among the international Forecast to 2022. cc significantly sensible at recognising patterns in information then equally sensible at recognizing anomalies in those patterns. This makes it a superb approach for preventing fraud.Machine learning is probably the foremost well likeable issue in geographical region like a shot. significantly deep learning. the principle why it’s so hot is as a results of it’ll take over many repetitive, mindless tasks. every company needs to do and do machine
learning on a way larger scale and for fewer worth. Cloud service suppliers will still contend to drive down the costs and increase the potential of machine learning systems.

Language method
Challenges in language method ofttimes involve language understanding, speech recognition, language generation, etc. language method value sixteen.07 Billion USD by 2021.

End-Users ar people and firms
Individuals and firms World Health Organization need vast GPU computation power. They pay with MRDS tokens for machine learning network power
User sends information and millilitre algorithmic rule
User pays with MRDS tokens
Myriads network generate tasks for miners
Myriads network offer predictions
The number of the MRDS token living strictly restricted by associate degree algorithmic rule.

Benefits for Miners
arn MRDS tokens by GPU`s calculative
Make helpful computations (stop wasting kWs)
Easy to use and install code
Profit maximization for your hardware
Secure suburbanised network supported prisoner + PoS
Benefits for End-Users
ML computation cheaper than Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud, etc.
Rapid information transfer with BitTorrent protocol
Easy to line up and manage code
Better security supported decentralization
Developers friendly setting
Pre-installed millilitre frameworks
Integrated scientific computing
Smart applications for machine learning.

Token Sale
Myriads.IO Project has received over USD 1,100,000 in venture capital funding from private Chinese VC fund and bank.

The token sale will be launched at 14:00 UTC on March 20, 2018 and closes at 14:00 UTC on May 19, 2018 (60 days). Below are details of the token sale

  • Company name: MYRIADS IO LP
  • Head office address: 101 Rose Street Lane, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH2 3JG
  • Blockchain platform: Ethereum
  • Token name: MRDS
  • Min transaction amount: Unlimited
  • Max transaction amount: Unlimited
  • Total Token Supply: 270,000,000 MRDS
  • Hard cap: 108,000,000 MRDS
  • Soft cap: No soft cap is set
  • Initial rate: Token price is locked to 1 ETH = 25,000 MRDS
  • The whitelist is limited to:
    1500 KYC Verified Contributors
    7500 Unverified Contributors
  • The total number of Myriads.IO tokens will be 270,000,000
  • 40% of a total number of tokens will be sold for contributors.
  • 45% of tokens will be used as incentives for GPUs miners
  • 10% will be held by Myriads.IO team as incentives for development
  • 5% — rewards for early adopters (advisors and community)


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