Node is Wireless Future

Node is a fantastic advanced start-up that interrupts a business market of Wi-Fi sending gadgets each and every personal and skilled use. Our spectacular enhancements, analysis actions within the space of space for storing and sending of power, enable United states to supply alternatives that area unit recognized by high-quality and efficiency people.

The essence of the promising technology from Node is how the imposition of many magnetic force waves on the kind of impulses of numerous length and frequency each alternative, once that these waves look over a special ferroelectric material and a magnetic force lens out from the structured metamaterial.

-Receiving surfaces (antennas) any specific shape
-Absolute protection against dust and moisture
-Energy is transmitted in space ( eld), regardless of the position of the receiver to barefoot jogging.
-Energy transfer while the receiver is moving.
-Large distance of energy transfer

Node is conducting research and possibly be implemented a fields of production, construction, agriculture, energy, security because fields. The subsequent areas are under development.
-Automotive, Node will create the Electric Vehicle charging product faster and convenient. its implementation is actually safe, environmentally friendly, low cost, simple, and fast charging much like charging in regular service station.
-Wireless Cable Installation, Advantages This product compared with transmission connectors is usable for unmanned systems also as industrial robotics.
-Health care, Node is actively mixed up in research and development of brand new sensors to find the non-invasive chemical composition of liquids and media. Using new signal transmission methods through various media and gathering information about these signal changes get a car . resonance frequencies, it is workable to determine with the truth and level of chemical elements and compounds in a certain volume.

The NODE token an individual a singular chance to look at a position during a radical technological productwireless transmission devices for each personal and business use. This spherical of the funds raising is aimed toward funding the Node devices production, selling and sales.
The NODE token along with an unique chances for in order to successfully invest in the products. As far as current raising among the funds is concerned, may be conducted for better financing of the devices, for the marketing, and production point.
The Pre-ITO for the project began from 7th December 2017 and will continue until 7th January 2018. The price of one token in the Pre-ITO possibly be 1 Dollars. The total tokens are usually to be issued globe platform are 0.75 million and people who end up being a some of it will be given a bonus of 50%. All the unused tokens will be burned. The ITO for Node will begin as 15th February 2018 and would continue until 15th April 2018. Price of one token in the ITO will account for 1 $. The participants who will participate early has the ability to taste the bonus.
For submitting to directories ten days, there is a 30% bonus; the next ten days will present you with a 20% bonus, followed by 15%, and 10% bonus for the consecutive ten days.



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