COINVEST-New Methods to Invest in Crypto Assets is Virtual

Coinvest could be a localized stock market that permits users to take a position in a very array of cryptocurrencies in a very straightforward manner. once a user desires to form a trade, the Coinvest Token (“COIN”) is distributed to the contract beside a listing of the cryptonized assets the user would love to take a position in. The amounts and costs of purchased assets area unit recorded in USD and once a user would love to liquidate their holdings, they follow a similar method of merchandising an exact quantity of chosen assets and their address is came back COIN within the USD worth of the profits attained.

When And Why Was Coinvest Founded?
Frustrated with the quality, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment selections on the market on the market, Coinvest decided to democratize cryptocurrencies by creating tools amendment shoppers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.
Frustrated with the quality, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment choices out there on the market, Coinvest is decided to democratize cryptocurrencies by making tools to:
Provide mechanisms for customers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.
Empower anyone to make investment vehicles for a in person curated index of cryptonized assets victimisation one platform, one wallet, and one coin.

What square measure the benefits Of victimisation Coinvest?

Investing in cryptocurrencies these days is an especially tough and a intensive method. Exchanges need KYC authorization which might take hours (if not days) to validate. Coinvest wrongfully bypasses the KYC method as there’s no exchange in decree currency, assets, and because the Coinvest good contract is that the steward of your deposited funds.

Securely storing cryptonized assets is imperative however not trivial. Some coins and tokens have completely different|completely different} standards and need different wallets. As a shopper, you have got to decide on between completely different billfold choices (such as hot, cold, paper, etc.) counting on your risk appetency. Storing assets yourself is possible for some; but, difficult and risk hacking and user-error. With Coinvest, there’s no storage of investment assets as all portfolios square measure fully digital.

Prices in cryptocurrency is very volatile. feat assets at the incorrect worth and time is the distinction in gains or losses. There square measure presently restricted investment choices that empower users to execute versatile shopping for choices like shorting and worth limit orders. Coinvest is one in every of the primary within the business to supply this practicality.

Unlike current exchanges, Coinvest offers index funds containing a portfolio of cryptonized assets associated with elements like market capitalisation, industry, etc. The index funds modify users the flexibility to speculate while not on an individual basis and actively buying assets themselves. Meanwhile, providing broad market exposure, low operative expenses, and low portfolio turnover.

There square measure presently no investment vehicles that modify investors to man of the cloth associate degreed invest in an index of cryptonized assets created by themselves. Current investment, index, and mutual funds square measure managed by third-party plus managers and supply no flexibility and management of the fund itself. Personal curated index funds on Coinvest empower users to manage the assets, distribution percentages, rebalances, and withdrawals of their own individual fund.

Decentralization and Security
Investing in cryptocurrencies need causing funds direct to associate degree exchange or investment fund (which inherently creates centralization and high risk as they’re the steward of your funds). Coinvest doesn’t settle for any funds (fiat, cryptocurrency, etc.) or payments direct from users. User funds square measure control in written agreement and controlled by the Coinvest autonomous larva (computer code) at intervals a wise accept the Coinvest protocol. Users will withdraw funds or shut their positions at any time and procure distributions mechanically via the Coinvest good contract. The Coinvest investment method needs no human involvement or interaction.

Backed Collateral
All investments created through the Coinvest platform square measure backed by the cryptonized assets themselves. to confirm liquidity, Coinvest employs 2 reserves. (Please sit down with the Coinvest Reserves section during this document for additional elaborate information) Investments can solely be dead primarily based upon obtainable assets within the reserve, guaranteeing the safety of all users. A share of company revenue is allotted for added purchases to extend liquidity and scale the reserve in relevance growth.

Token name: COIN
Token category: Token
Platform Token: ETH
Soft Cap: three,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: thirty,000,000 USD
Total Token: 107,000,000
Number of token ICO: fifty two,500,000
Token Price: one thousand COIN = 700 USD
Bonus Token: twenty fifth
Minimum purchase volume: one hundred USD
Mining protocol: POS

Crowd sale/Token Distribution
60M Total tokens
Token Name : COIN
Token worth : one ETH = three hundred COIN
Presale Cap one.2M
Presale Bonus five hundredth

Tony Scott: Earlier Congress of Industrial Organizations yankee governments, VMware, Microsoft and filmmaker
Pete Cashmore: Founder and Director of Mashable
The team is light-emitting diode by friend Nam, and also the entire team is shown their roles
Damon Nam: Founder and CEO
Bayron Levels: Technological Director
Taylor Rieckens: Director for Business Development
Ramiro Galan: inventive Director
Umar Irshad: Director and program
Kevin Huynh: Director for Analytics and Operations
Mark Ayad: money Director
Kim Huynh: selling Director
Ben Tossell: Community director
Dexaran Derat: Blockchain Engineering
Robert Forster: Blockchain Engineering
Alexander Kravchenko: Engineering
Elena Chizhova: Engineering
Dmitry Golovchenko: Engineering

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ETH address 0xC53AF309cb2c85F830148EDf1dfa4B2520E56594 — Intelligent technology for wireless energy

What Is NODE?

Node could be a revolutionary prime quality technology, wherever this technology are going to be claimed to disrupt the wireless code market’s position for private or industrial use. it’s a technology with innovative development, wherever nodes as platforms provide solutions in storage and transmission activities with the simplest quality and nice potency.

The claiming node is within the final stages of model device testing. Further, there area unit 2 essentially completely different schemes that area unit still being explored and improved by the team nodes, including:

First, on associate induction wind or electrical electrical device that includes a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a straightforward magnetic force network referred to as magnetic induction. exploitation this methodology, the transmission of transmission and reception of energy becomes possible at goodish distances, however to get a major voltage during this means it’s necessary to regulate 2 terribly shut coils between one with another roll.


Remote and simultaneous transfer of energy to many devices with any power


Technology can be applied to any electronics


Low to medium cost, in comparison with other solutions, power transfer efficiency up to 90%

Smart Design

Less wires and more space saving. Convenient use and storage


Ergonomic and modern design

Market opportunity

The growing variety of recent innovations on technology and accumulated production of autos, social unit appliances, mobile phones, notebooks and different wireless energy product, resulted in accumulated demand for wireless energy product. Node responded with associate degree energy transfer system to form product usage more practical and economical. The presence of wireless power transmission extends the merchandise life cycle, reducing the necessity for power lines and reducing waste management.

Target Market

The use of wireless systems is commonest in Asia, North America and jap Europe. Node product are marketed within the u. s., Europe China and Japan. taking into consideration the on top of facts, to take a position within the wireless energy transmission trade in these countries is incredibly sensible with a rate of 20% per year.

Investment Through Token Node

Token Node offers a chance to take a position in revolutionary technology. capitalist raising aims to finance the assembly and promoting and sales of Node product. current developments create it potential to become a member of our current ITO campaign, once the risks related to product performance are tidied up, and at a similar time there’s the most potential for future token value will increase.

Product NODE


Flexible pad for wireless charging of electronic devices. Outdoor charge charging lets you charge many devices, place them in requirements or maybe one another.

Target price ~ $ 9
Surface area of 300x200mm
Transmitted power up to 10W
5V USB power supply


Wireless charging station for desktop placement. Eon provides many charging devices at once and comes with automatic power management.

Target price ~ $ 159
Transmitted power — up to 150W
Power supply-220V
Dimensions — 100x70mm


Token NODE offers you a chance to require an edge in revolutionary revolutionary technology products — wireless transmission devices for each personal use and business. The fund assortment is meant to finance the assembly, promotion and sale of Node devices.

The NODE token request is created by a mixture of factors: repurchase implementation moreover as merchandise deduction purchased directly from Node.


Starting 07.12.2017
End 07.01.2018
Token Price: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: equivalent to 10 USD
Total number

token: 0.75 million pcs.
Participants receive 50%
(additional 0.5 tokens per purchase)


Starting 15.02.2018
End of 15.04.2018
Token Price: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: equivalent to 10 USD
The initial participant receives the bonus:

1–10 days 30%
11–20 days 20%
21–30 days 15%
31–40 days 10%

Total number of tokens including Pre-ITO: 10 million pcs
All tokens that are unsold and not shared or will be burned.

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ETH Address 0xC53AF309cb2c85F830148EDf1dfa4B2520E56594

HONOR — A Decentralized Ecosystem of On-demand Work

INTRODUCTION One factor is certain! It’s either you have got employment that provides you cash otherwise you square measure searching for one. If you are doing not comprise any of those classes then I’m undecided reading this text can excite or interest you, believe me! however if you have got employment and you’re wanting forward to rising it or in search of different suggests that of financial gain, then let’s ride! A larger population of the planet is deep-seated by young and vivacious youths World Health Organization type a decent proportion of the labour force. There persons largely square measure energetic and may burn plenty of joules perfecting duties. as a result of the education revolution that has created several appreciate the sweetness of the renaissance of the mind, a majority of those teens visit faculties, universities and different establishments to develop themselves. however there’s a challenge. the roles accessible don’t equate the amount of qualified persons on ground; for the latter greatly surpasses the previous. this can be sort of a development that’s old most over the planet, with minimal exceptions in terribly developed economies. This has created persons capable of being within the labour market to cut into into education and self-employment so as to assist their state of affairs. This has helped to associate degree extent, however it still desires deep modifications as a result of being your own boss doesn’t mean being your own shopper too. Hence, customers World Health Organization would like your service should contact you before you’ll be able to show the abilities you’re created from.

What is HONOR Coin?
Honor coin could be a token in light-weight of Ethereum blockchain innovation. it’s the elemental element within the new Jubs stage delineated during this endeavor. purchasers World Health Organization have HONOR will trade them for getting administrations, win them on the Jubs stage, utilize them in additional administrations went for noncommissioned consultants or trade them with guardian financial forms within the helper trades

Is HONOR exchangeable?
The HONOR currencies purchased within the initial supply of the tokens area unit transferable once the token sale event ends

What is the worth of HONOR?
The HONOR are going to be sold-out in an exceedingly mounted ETH relationship with bonus periods as represented on this page. The goal is to boost up to $ fifteen million equivalent in ETH by commercialism a hundred million HONOR tokens, which can verify the rate of exchange and can be outlined in real time before the implementation of the contract

How am i able to invest in HONOR tokens?
During the launch dates / contribution amount, you’ll send your ETH to the sensible contract that may be free before long to receive your HNR tokens mechanically

The HONOR cryptocurrency (HNR) is that the major monetary instrument of dealing on the JUBS platform. Sale of it throughout the ICO campaign shall begin in 2018. the respect cryptocurrency (HNR) are going to be distributed at a quantitative relation of HNR per one ETH to participants — supported the daily rate — within the initial contribution amount, that is starting on Jan fifteenth, 2018.

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CIBUS — Food Ecosystem On Blockchain

Why would like a Blockchain for food safety review
Lack of responsibility, inadequate info and non-transparency regarding food ingredients and, its origin is that the most significant downside of gift food business, and traceability is taken into account because the most applicable approach to bring final consistency and transparency.

The terms “food safety” and “food quality” might get confusing at time. Food safety refers to all or any those perils, whether or not persistent or acute that will flip food injurious to the health of the buyer. Quality includes all attributes that impacts on a product’s worth to the buyer. This includes positive qualities just like the origin, colour, flavour, texture, and process technique and negative qualities like spoilage, contamination with dirt, discoloration, off-doors, of the food. therefore the distinction between safety and quality has implication for public set up and influences the character and content of the food system, that is that the most suited choice to meet preset objectives for maintaining food quality.

Vision Of CIBUS
Global offer chains area unit extraordinarily effective recently however in some ways they’re adulterate with nontransparency, dishonorable activities, superannuated stocks, etc. Moreover, reliance on superannuated technology or manual procedure creates unwanted gap between makers and traders with shoppers in many ways in which. Blockchain technology, that has the potential to be used as secured thanks to record and transmit information during a safe and suburbanised networks, has currently been counted as a promising thanks to improve these chains.

One purpose that sets CIBUS except for different virtually similar comes is that CIBUS goes to launch hardware as well: very best quality advanced associate degreed intuitive sensors which will frequently monitor and steady send information to the blockchain as an item transits from manufacturer to its user.

CIBUS is on the verge of making a possible market. most significant think about this technique advancement is complete transparency and conviction. the most focus are to develop associate degree system that address market problems, will bring down prices, and might boost efficiencies. of these parts can facilitate CIBUS to that be the foremost favorite for all stakeholders integrated within the offer chain — from the producers to traders to shoppers.

System of CIBUS
The CIBUS platform can run victimisation blockchain technology, which is able to give transparency and security on this platform. The systems we tend to style and therefore the blockchain technology are wont to verify the standard of food and health supplements moreover because the fulfillment of transparency for shoppers. Our goal is to bring food producing and food supplements, producers and sellers below one purposeful, interactive, and mutualist Platform supported blockchain technology, and change transparency of information open and accessible to all or any interested parties. Thus, we tend to hope that business homeowners and shoppers will relish the most effective transparency, credibility, and responsibility of the food product they consume.

Token Sales-Join chance
With this chance, we have a tendency to invite you to enlarge this Platform, to succeed in the Broader Society. we’ll unharness the Token beneath the name “CIBUS Token ”, here is that the knowledge.

• Name: CBT
• Token exchange rate: one ETH = a thousand CIBUS Token
• Total token provide (max): a hundred,000,000 CBT
• PRE — TGE TOKEN SALE finish DATE: 10:59 AM (GMT) on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 2018
• ICO Token Sale begin Date: 11:00 AM (GMT) on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 2018
• Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
• Soft cap: five,000,000 CBT
• laborious cap: forty,000,000 CBT
• Min purchase: ten CBT

Reasons we decide Blockchain
We designed this platform to run exploitation blockchain technology because the basis for our platform development. as a result of from the primary look, blockchain comes with the provide of quick and secure on-line transactions and supports every kind of information and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology uses a system, wherever each dealing is recorded and might not be modified forever, therefore dealing security and transparency may be maintained and cut back the prospect of cheating knowledge. we tend to build Platform CIBUS run exploitation blockchain technology, wherever production and distribution records recorded in Cibus blockchain can’t be altered and might not be thought-about counterfeit, therefore customers or patrons will use the info to recall the merchandise instantly if the merchandise isn’t obtainable in keeping with what customers need. we are going to produce the Cibus Platform to own a token which will be used as currency inside this platform. we are going to keep each dealing that you just do quickly and additionally safely, exploitation blockchain technology. each party World Health Organization interact are directed to use the Cibus token we offer, so as to keep up the speed and security of the transactions they create.

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ALL PUBLIC ART (APA) — Making History in the Global Art Market

All Public Art consists of international fantastic skilled team WHO come back from numerous backgrounds and have in depth and relevant expertise inside varied fields like IT, finance, blockchain, marketing, law and also the art world. we have a tendency to thrive on developing inventive ideas, pride in applying associate degree innovative and vivacious vision to confirm that each one Public Art may be a platform that serves the worldwide art community with excellence because it ought to be. we have a tendency to believe that the appliance of Blockchain Technology on the platform may be a sensible step towards a thriving future for the longer term of art within the digital age. All Public Art is one in every of the primary corporations to mix the globe of crypto and also the art world and this can be a chance that you just ought to be an area of them today.
And they ar able to have a positive impact on the lives of artists round the world and that we ar proud to empower the art community with this movement wherever Blockchain meets art. Join them as a result of we have a tendency to eliminate the previous issues within the art market.

Take Part in dynamic the world Art Market
With the AllPublicArt token and therefore the introduction of our API, we’re deploying a brand new, convenient and powerful manner to alter art and music the history of works of art. All Public Art’s implimentation of blockchain era can limit counterfeit design, build think about within the design marketplace, improve design alternate offerings and growth money and social blessings among the worldwide art network.

How It Works APA?
Our favored goal and future goal is peer to check mercantilism (P2P) within the design market. For that vision to be done within the design market, the All Public Art’s market has been created. The design marketplace and blockchain generation can seamlessly merge together owing to the mix of the essential options of the program. There square measure four key parts to the All Public Art shopping for and mercantilism procedure:

Artists, art collectors and anybody inquisitive about participating with the All Public Art network or APA’s services ought to register at the platform. when registering and growing a profile on AllPublicArt.Com or within the cellular app, Associate in Nursing creative person may place up works of art and design connected things in trade for APA tokens.

When artists and collectors register on All Public Art they’ll acquire of a totally distinctive ID with the intention to be accustomed evidence all their transactions at the blockchain. There may be four choices for design Security:

distinctive ID with QR code
distinctive IDs embedded in tamper touchy stickers and holographic stickers
RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification chips)
small RFID kick in adhesive disbursed to the art work

When Associate in Nursing design collector finds Associate in Nursing design that they have to alter tokens for, they’ll honestly click on at the “Acquire Artwork” button to electrify the exchange with the creative person. a sensible settlement related to the exchange is also coordinated with All Public Art’s API to report the data of the group action at the Blockchain furthermore as transfer the APA tokens to a transient address and lock them until the design is showed as nonheritable.

Shipping design will vary wishing on the requirements of the group action, therefore, All Public Art as provided artists and creditors with the next a pair of shipping approach choices to pick from:

art Shipping Affiliates for exceptional design customary Shipping for little paintings and objects.

The Benefits of APA
So, what ar the best belongings you will expect from this platform, anyway?

It is associate art platform, which implies that you simply ar coping with all artsy things and interest and conjointly meet art lovers. whether or not it’s a studio art, artistic art, street art, or public art — you name it.
It is an internet community that features art organizations moreover as artists and conjointly businesses
If you’re into art such a lot, this platform are going to be super helpful and handy as a result of you’ll be able to share design with the planet, because of the e-commerce and ikon sharing community
The platform uses versatile and free arrangement, therefore you’re primarily liberal to use the platform as you see match. Sharing artworks from your vacation? ar you a replacement creator searching for some way to urge followers? wish to indicate off your work to the planet and obtain connected to collectors or buyers? this can be the proper platform to try and do all of these things.

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