SKYLLZ – The Future Of Education & Recruitment

SKYLLZ, a platform developed via the WORKKOLA is implementing the “SKYLLZ DISTRIBUTED PLATFORM”. It is an open source and distributed platform. Validating the skill by utilizing the automated portfolios built by the skills touchpoint Applications or Stapps, SKYLLZ aims to bring the transparent Human Skills Ecosystem to the forefront of the business folks. Utilising Proof of Skill to rate an user registered from the platform, they will build the unique portfolio every of the users.

Skyllz expects to institutionalize and binds together the approval of each expertise whether it is proficient aptitude or not you get, apply or increase Ethereum Blockchain. The group behind Skyllz has been effectively included Workkola, an officially demonstrated ability marking arrangement supplanting CVs by using a human-focused arrangement of measurements, approvals and supports because of hard and delicate aptitudes. This time in your own group with Skyllz is intending to empower clients to take an interest, execute, and naturally track their self-improvement uninhibitedly on the applications over the convention (the Skills Touchpoints Applications, STapps).

In general, the SKT is a decentralized utility token that like other cryptocoins has a limited supply, and can be incorporated into STapps as the layer of value when it comes to transactions. These tokens are also utilized for rewarding Raters who use ratings determine whether or just not an user is assigned a certain involving Proof-of-Skill for a particular skill, or confirm if the smart contracts conditions are usually met when some SKT is being transferred to and from users.

Skyllz is an integrated Protocol to assess, validate and empower human capabilities. Skyllz will allow website visitors demonstrate their unique combination of talents and get the optimal impact on any professional opportunities. Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is designed to empower people produced by their outstanding abilities and talents. SDP is an open blockchain-based and a cross-platform skills-validation standard protocol. It aims to build an universal and evolving Human Skills Ecosystem that replaces CVs. With the increase of new technology, we set to determine a change toward a work paradigm shift. The role of new professionals is being created, while new associated with cooperation between companies and professionals change work scenarios, with flexible jobs, freelancers, remote labor, and so forth.

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed an increase inside of the required skills within a highly competitive environment. Traditional education models seem to be outdated because incredibly rapid technological progress challenges the ecosystem offer quick professional support to stay abreast of the latest improvements. It can not be exchanged and handles skill checks like traceable annotations on Ethereum Blockchain. This innovative protocol aims produce an universal and evolving ecosystem of human skills that will alter the way we demonstrate and enhance our talents.

Skyllzs motivations

– Focus on working hard and living according in your own unique talents. You can forget about tracking your steps. Let the system and the community validate and showcase your abilities for you.

– Dont let institutions like universities or schools decide your value. If fit into the labor market, you fit.

– No matter where you were born, studied or worked, you should be able to develop your talent and use it to make a full time income.

– Every single skill should looked into under an universal proof-of-skill protocol, making recruitment decisions fairer and easier.

– Every activity where a skill is acquired, applied or improved in order to be automatically recorded on the blockchain and join your professional Identify.

Why is it worth supporting this project:

– The team of Skyllz, absolutely all of its employees are doing work for the benefit from the company and continually be ready to assist in any matter. May possibly always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we’re talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.

– All the prototypes made through the team of developers of Skyllz have a the public domain, now you can get acquainted and try this system.

– Skyllz participates in every possible crypto, blocking forums, conclude serious long term contracts.

The SKT Token

As an ERC-20 compliant token, the SKT token enables users on the Skyllz Distributed Platform acquire access promote transactions. They represent an unit of account that allows users earn skills, put these skills into practise, certify and validate whatever skills always be of value to them both on the Skyllz Distributed Platform and across other STapps that are part of it.

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ImmVRse – Combined B2C & B2B decentralized blockchain VR platform

What is ImmVRse?
Virtual reality (VR) could be a computer-generated state of affairs that simulates a practical expertise. The immersive setting may be kind of like the $64000 world to form life experiences supported reality or sci-fi. the $64000 estate system also can be thought of a VR type that covers virtual data via camera feeds on to the receiver, or through a smartphone or pill device.
The current VR technology most frequently uses computer game headsets or multi-projection environments, generally combined with the physical setting or props, to provide realistic pictures, sounds and realistic sensations that simulate the user’s physical presence during a virtual or fanciful setting. somebody UN agency uses computer game instrumentality will “browse” the synthetic world, move in it, and act with virtual options or stuff. The result is sometimes created by a VR receiver that consists of a head-mounted screen with alittle screen before of the attention, however also can be created through a specially designed space with multiple giant screens.

Why VR ImmVRse?
Experts believe that though VR growth won’t be exponential, the business can surpass expectations within the next 5 years. it’s conjointly expected that nearly each house can have a try of computer game headsets as a result of the idea can step by step infiltrate into variety of industries.
Research conducted by Emma Goldman Sachs shows a positive forecast for computer game. Total revenue for this business can grow from America $ twenty eight billion in 2020 to America $ seventy nine billion by 2020, with Associate in Nursing accelerated uptake project up to America $ a hundred and ten billion.
Experts believe that though VR growth won’t be exponential, the business can surpass expectations within the next 5 years. it’s conjointly expected that nearly each house can have a try of computer game headsets as a result of the idea can step by step infiltrate into variety of industries.
Research conducted by Emma Goldman Sachs shows a positive forecast for computer game. Total revenue for this business can grow from America $ twenty eight billion in 2020 to America $ seventy nine billion by 2020, with Associate in Nursing accelerated uptake project up to America $ a hundred and ten billion.

How Work System ImmVRse?
ImmVRse offers a revolutionary platform for brands that need to vary into the new and exciting VR world, permitting them to rent creators quickly, simply and simply.

1. Advertisers can obtain IMV to pay money for advertising. a part of the profits are going to be distributed to content producers and public audiences.
2. Users can receive IMV as a style of payment to observe videos.
3. Viewers will store their tokens in their ImmVRse ™ pocketbook or sell them on the exchange.
4. Brands are going to be ready to search through suburbanized search engines and recruit / recruit content producers through ImmVRse.
5. corporations are going to be ready to pay money for jobs victimisation IMV and Ethereal.
6. Cryptocurrency traders, hedge funds and money services are going to be ready to swap ImmVRse tokens (IMVs) through multiple exchanges.

Solution Offered
immVRse is making an answer for the VR business by presenting a zealous VR Content distribution platform supported the blockchain technology. Advertisers, marketers, content creators and also the customers are a part of the platform, that works to create a cooperative community of the VR World. VR/AR/Mixed reality square measure the areas of the prime focus for the platform. immVRse network consists of multiple fields that square measure mentioned below.
· immVRse Protocol
· immVRse Token
· immVRse billfold
· immVRse localised Engine
· immVRse (DApp)
· User Retention Engine

Pre ICO:
Private pre-ICO will be conducted in April 2018 with contributors willing to contribute more than 1 Ether. The pre-ICO allocation will be 10% of the token to be distributed.

ICO Launch:
The ICO launch date has not yet been announced. ImmmRse plans to release 100,000,000 IMVs immediately after sales with a hard lid of US $ 20million. ImmVRse will distribute 33.33% (100 million IMV) of total circulation during ICO. 52.70% token will be maintained as a form of capital reserve. Out of a total of 300 million IMVs,
ImmVRse tokens will be released in one or more exchanges after successful completion of ICO. Some exchanges may be confirmed before the ICO, however, the official date from which the token can be transferred, will be announced after the ICO.

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What is Fiancia?

Custom TV Channels for Crypto Currency, The first Crypto news channel TV worldwide is dedicated to news, debates by crypto currency market leaders, 7 financial data on all crypto currency pairs, tech news blockchain & decentralization 24/7. Live streaming on all networks and satellite broadcasting devices.

Convenient terminal

Fiancia provided a convenient mercantilism terminal for traders and investors to manage and execute dealing inside the framework and recursive mercantilism system

Potential profit

The possibility of potential profit for traders and investors. mercantilism in conjunction with skilled traders can facilitate to urge an enormous profit, that doesn’t provide the other on-line terminal.

The terminal is meant victimisation special technical tools like PHA, HACCP and FTA to guard the chance for investors to avoid attainable losses and manage risks with one click.

About traders get live an enormous benefit from the terminal. fastened monthly payments are offered on the idea of normal traders.

Fiancia introduced a completely controlled, reliable and easy copy mercantilism system that may cowl at the most their business desires and level of expectations .The growing impact of crypto trade across the corners of the globe is big and such facet has brought attention of Fiancia in a {very} very effective and profound manner.

Investors will be able to pocket hefty profits and returns as a result of advent of such prolific and distinctive system having access to quite 3000 crypto currencies at massive.

The terminal can offer chance to investors to learn from experiences of most skilful and competent traders and during this manner accomplishment of aims and objectives become comfy and effective.

Easy management and facilitation in terms of non-public management relating to mercantilism in crypto currency.

A social network affiliation wherever all stakeholders and teams especially investors and traders will share their views, news and suggestions for collective interests and additionally building of sound linkage among all of the relevant parties and entities.

Assurance of quick Withdrawal process system at terminal by victimisation Fiancia Visa Cards , Merchants and Bank wire with none thought of limits.

Crypto News Portal
The crypto news portal can feature updated science resources and news regarding interference technologies, further as forecasts and analysis of leading cryptors.

Investing in social networks
– The terminal can play a dynamic role once traders and investors share their expertise and mercantilism ways with the assistance of ways for investment in social networks.
– Investors may also build vast profits due to the emergence of such a prolific and distinctive system that has access to quite three,000 crypto-currencies normally
– The terminal can give investors with the chance to profit from the expertise of the foremost veteran and competent traders, and so the accomplishment of goals and objectives can become convenient and effective
– Straightforward management and simplification from the purpose of read of non-public management over change crypto currency

Communication in an exceedingly social network wherever all interested parties and teams, above all investors and traders, will share their views, news and suggestions for collective interests, and make a reliable link between all interested organizations and organizations.
Providing a quick withdrawal system at the terminal victimization Visa, Merchants and Fiancia cards while not respect to restrictions.

Partner plan
Fiancia conjointly plans to introduce partner plans to its traders and investors to bring them additional advantages. Thus, traders are going to be offered ways in which to get additional revenue, and conjointly to win over investors that their money resources accumulate over time, aside from day-after-day functions. comprehensive approach.
Investors and traders can have the chance to affix the partnership program due to the five hundred stake that they’re going to produce in reference to this activity, and so can profit each Fiancia and investors. important advantages at a big level.

FIN Token Sale

Fiancia offers FIN tokens (ERC-20 Ethereum standard) that will be used in the platform for copy trading and all the exchange related transactions. Users will benefit from packages, profit leverages and many lucrative by holding the FIN tokens. Pre ICO Token Sale Start Date: March 1, 2018 Token Sale End Date: June 15, 2018 Offers 50% discount until March 31, 2018!


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I AM HERO – An AI driven Tokenized Job Matching Platform and ICO Review

The Platform is exceptionally intuitive, easy and simple whereas it additionally eliminates any hurdles which may arise relevant to direct communications between contacts to and from the individual Candidates (Heroes) and potential Employers.
Iamhero was created to unravel a significant downside that has noncontinuous the task search business from the beginning. we tend to study all the weather that ar most involved concerning users of job search services, ways and resources accessible to jobseekers, employers and freelancers. A extremely qualified skilled coder team has been innovating associate degreed optimizing the AIdriven matching engine on a secure base platform for over a year whereas developing an optimum answer to unravel and solve any issues that the jobseeker is exposed, each in ways, resources, efficacy, value potency, process speed , net & mobile compatibility, social media property, communication improvement, information security, aesthetic visual quality, international measurability, distinctive distinctive feature development and a lot of. The result’s a good service, whereas still beneath development, providing some basic options that ar finally able to launch like resume services, potential linkage and a few different vital and sensible options.
There’s no higher thanks to perceive what we’re making here than fitting your own free account and testing systems just like the creation. we tend to invite you to organize your personal profile resume and knowledge this new technology directly whether or not you’re employment Seeker, associate degree leader or a freelancer. Welcome to a replacement thanks to meet your desires during this invasive on-line business.

SERVICE DESCRIPTION could be a service whereverby candidates access specific Job in an exceedinglyccordance with their qualifications and where Entrepreneurs have access to extremely qualified personnel for his or her specific desires in a new and refreshing manner. The system uses high-performing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match either side and build property between the 2.
Charges ar subject to service use by each parties and extra getting prices to the corporate for placement once matching and enlisting ar completed; so insuring constant financial gain inflows for the growth and development of the IAMHERO system within the future.

Almost everybody within the world desires a resume to
present themselves in their relevant field of experience
to the worldwide business or to gift their services as a
professional freelancer to the Marketplace. the situation of ‘Resume Function’ is quick. the globe of on-line pacing is long owed. Therefore, we’ve performed the task of guaranteeing that the freelancer receives a levy for the work it undertakes and consequently, the leader accepts the top quality work likewise because the ideal worker World Health Organization is reciprocated
for his or her specific desires.To achieve this level of improvement, a replacement system should be put in in an exceedingly capable place handle lots of information and process.Data terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} economical and intelligent with very high speed.

The most vital question most investors can have is what goals are contend on the platform. Actually, IAH tokens area unit at the core of all activity on stage. You know, to rent associate degree worker or issue a project assignment that has got to be obeyed, IAH tokens area unit needed. All contracts on the platform area unit unbroken in associate degree unchanged sensible Contract. The proof is unbroken during this Intelligent Contract and transferred to the IAH platform as payment to rent somebody. this is often wherever the redistributed basic nature of the platform ought to shine.

2 billion (2,000,000,000) IAHC coins will be created. 25% of those or 500 million IAHC Coins will be sold at the ICO. The aim is to raise 7142 ETH., which equates to approximately 7.142 ETH at current rates, with the crowd sale at a coin price of 0.0000142 ETH. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 70,000 IAHC coin. This may change with ETH exchange rates. Numbers are best e ort estimates as of October 10th 2017. The final numbers and fixed ETH amount will be announced before the start of the crowd sale.



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What is Medichain?
Medichain is AN innovative technology and a breakthrough within the field of drugs. Medichain could be a decentralised, distributed ledger for storing medical records. It permits patients to stay their own medical records making certain security. it’s a brand new ICO victimisation blockchain technology.

MediChain Operations
An app or device is offered by that the patient would have the chance to own a reference supplemental to AN Ethereum blockchain that could be a decentralised digital record bearing on knowledge that’s collected regarding such patient, through the device or medical practitioners, administrating a prescription or remedy or outright shopping for of a non-prescribed medication.
The blockchain is a record for storing functions and it additionally encloses the hashes that approve the offchain knowledge. The blockchain system can understand or record of great medical data off-chain, crammed by a primarily honest cryptographical information, unbroken by a system of non-public computers that’s hospitable anybody running the code and has the patient’s consent or authorization to induce to the actual cryptographical key. once these ar properly applied and cling to, the patient can have extra management of their data and reorganised the interchange of medical records in such how that it’ll be safe.

Just like a traditional hospital where certain amount is allocated to each services, on the MediChain platform, utility token known as MediChain Utility Tokens (MCU) is introduced and it will be useful in the following areas:
1. Research Program Voting
2. To buy personal medical data storage and transfer.
3. To Purchase Personal medical data services
4. MediChain Utility discount
5. Institutional medical data services including diagnosis.
6. Research medical data services.

Medichain Token
During Medichain ICO, tokens will be issued to investors. The Medichain utility token (MCU) is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. The token can be used to carry out transactions on the Medichain platform.
Token holders benefit in a number of ways:

  • nstitutional Medical Data Services (including Diagnosis)
  • Medical Research Data Services
  • Any/All additional future business transactions on the MediChain Platform
  • Research Program Voting. Get the chance to determine the focus of future research
  • Personal Medical Data Storage and transfer
  • Personal Medical Data Services
  • MCU Discounts

Medichain ICO
The Medichain ICO is an event where funds for its whitepaper project will be sourced for. The pre-sale started on September 15th 2017 and ICO will commence on 1st of March and end on the 1st of May.
The ICO token allocation to investors represents 40% of the total token supply. The price for each allocated will be $1. Medichain aims at generating a fund set at $40,000,000 USD.
Definition of terms:
1. 1FA — tap or swipe the card
2. 2FA — Chip and pin or chip and password,
3. 3FA — Chip and pin plus fingerprint or iris scan
4. EMRs — Electronic Medical Records

Mark Baker — CEO & Founder
Katy Blackwell — Team Manager
Samuel Dare — Blockchain Engineer
Giannis Stathopoulos — Business Development & Operations
Mark Shorter — Creative Director / UX Specialist and Designer
Naomi Ellis — PR Specialist and Designer
Yilin (Linda) Wen — Business Development
Matt Ganeles — Business Development
Rob Moya — UX/UI Designer and Developer
Augustín Cassani — Blockchain Engineer
Boris Shevchenko — Ethereum Engineer & Web Developer
David Forbes — Software Developer
Aizhan Seraly — IR & Business Development
Akhila Nandanavanam — Traffik Management
Ron Cafferky — Business Development
Raúl van Riezen — Business Development & Finance
Youli Pan — Business Development
Skye Bye — HR Assistant
Pedro Silva — Business Development

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The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Nucleus for The Future Digital Investment

What is Nucleus Vision?
Nucleus Vision supported in 2014 at university, Nucleus could be a stop-to-cease generation resolution that captures and affords erst accessed statistics to retailers and alternative ‘brick and mortar’ businesses through blockchain and period of time detector technology. Our proprietary IoT detector era doesn’t rely on any Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, or even identity verification technology to spot any patron within it’s the place.
Building associate comfy blockchain primarily based statistics network for IDs captured, Nucleus objectives to protect purchasers privacy, while mining intelligence victimisation neural fashions, and integration its nCash tokens, to form the foremost vital international loyalty rewards network.

How the Nucleus works?
The key parties within the Nucleus ecosystem; part one may be categorised as follows;
Various alternative merchants in possession of client information, like banks, telecommunications, on-line portals etc.
A new technology has been designed as an answer for brick-and-mortar retailers that permits assortment of a period of time information from their various customers and supply necessary offers supported data from the information. The platform uses a blockchain and sensory technology and intelligent analytics that is being created to get human loyalty. A potential human relationship of client’s expertise is being created for the supply of bigger customer satisfaction.
The detector technology is incredibly totally different and distinctive that offers a seamless coverage to any or all walk-in client during which client information collected ar being maintained on the blockchain. This technology makes positive personalised offers and promotions ar created in period of time that guarantees a seventy fifth service for shoppers which might confirm in-store product ar being bought.

How IoT System Works in Nucleus?
1. once a client enters retail, the merchant rewards customers within the variety of nCash tokens.

2. Then once a client purchases a dealings at the retail counter, the client can earn loyalty points within the variety of nCash furthermore.

3. By grant nCash tokens, resellers might request necessary data from customers and receive authorization from customers to possess such data.

4. Distributors might exchange client data with different retailers UN agency give information regarding customers within the retail and supply some nCash tokens to the informers.

5. Fellow retailers will exchange data regarding client information within the retail by delivering nCash token to the client.

6. All partners of Nucleus might settle for nCash token transfers in hand by customers. Besides, customers can even build transactions to all or any retailers incorporated in Nucleus.

The Security System in Nucleus
The most vital issue in associate scheme is however the protection system that implements within the scheme. pretty much as good as any system offered by a platform are going to be judged less helpful if employing a low-security system. the protection system used becomes the initial benchmark for users selecting a platform to use.
High-security systems on a platform that provides blockchain and cryptocurrency should be noticed . That’s as a result of there are not any third parties concerned within the platform. All user information and group action information are going to be keep within the blockchain. If there’s a leak of confidential information, then it will hurt some parties either retailers or customers.

Components of Nucleus resolution
The following area unit vital part of Nucleus’s solution;
A unique user ID scheme that is battery-powered by a proprietary IoT detector technology that like a shot identifies any client that walks into any offline business establishment. A safer and personal blockchain-based user knowledge storage mechanism that ensures an excellent level of security.
An AI-powered intelligence engine that helps in making a comparatively far-famed “value-score” for each client in correspondence with the merchant. this may be done by mapping out the looking history and preferences of such known client and additionally providing relevant and bonus deals to the client. Data exchange mechanism between retailers, brands and customers.
A universally acceptable currency i.e. cryptocurrency; nCash which may be used across each Nucleus’s partner stores.

Nucleus Vision Investors
Longtime amount, our goal is to bridge the gap between the online and offline retail international. Our endeavor is sponsored via many distinguished traders consisting of Tim monger, Reliance Capital and a lot of. Telecommunications performs a significant role within the functioning of our generation, and we’ve partnered with Vodafone, Reliance Communications, and plan Cellular to deliver our platform to promote.

Strengths and benefits
Nucleus has endowed 3 years in technology analysis and development, to create a patent-pending detector technology that overcomes all the drawbacks of existing retail technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi beacons, to spot in period of time somebody walking within the proximity of a Nucleus particle detector.
No app needed.
No barriers to adoption.
No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS needed.
Works with all smartphones & Feature phones.
Provides anonymous intelligence.

The nCash Token
There is a private pre-sale that will be available only to accredited investors (1000 ETH min). Sale expected in Q1, 2018
Ticker : NCASH
Token type : ERC20
Fundraising Goal : 57,600,000 USD (125,000 ETH)
Total Tokens : 10,000,000,000

How To Participate In conducive Token Nucleus
When you have exciting to affix in Token Sale the primary factor that you’ve done is scan and documented regarding the mini study that enclosed on the official web site of Nucleus. By understanding the project that may be developed, then you’ll a lot of simply monitor the progress. you want to additionally make sure that you’ll have the benefit of your investment.
The Payment methodology that may be employed in Token Sale is Etherum. The providing value for token sale cap 125K ETH. The token sale date has been set nonetheless. However, it’s calculable that Sale is anticipated in Q1, 2018 and also the final times nonetheless to be proclaimed. If you wish to possess info regarding updated on following token sale, you’ll be able to fill in your email address on the shape on the official nucleus web site.

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Lympo is Great Future

What is Lympo?
The Lympo app may be a digital health and welfare notecase that tracks effort information via smartphones and wearables, satisfying users with Lympo tokens once they hit their fitness and attentiveness targets by utilizing blockchain technology. Tokens awarded may be wont to purchase health product and services.
Lympo aims to make Associate in Nursing system power-driven by user generated and managed user health and fitness information to modify price exchange through the introduction of LYM utility tokens. Lympo’s goal is that the market wherever the information itself is employed expeditiously by members of the system and everybody is equally rewarded.
LYMPO comes with innovative solutions to make health and sports member ecosystems that expeditiously utilize user-generated information to supply the most effective health care solutions. This creates a marketplace for totally different health applications to act and exchange services through LYM Utility. There area unit 3 main elements of the LYMPO system. the primary half is that the LYMPO Digital notecase and also the second half is that the LYMPO market.

The Lympo Market
This Token may be wont to purchase merchandise and services on the market from existing Lympo platforms that pile up over five hundred fitness professionals and so expand into a massive network of sports, health, health and welfare suppliers.

How it Works Lympo?
Users live a healthy way
Goal: hunt for personalised and personalised way product and services, look for to profit from the information generated, store health information and exercise in one place.
Benefits: further and fun motivations to attain healthy way goals, legitimise user-generated information, mixture information for viewing or sharing, verify the utilization of more information and valuation, receive customised services supported interests and health information.
Personal trainers and sports coaches
Objective: Sell services, attract new purchasers, manage shopper progress.
Benefits: simply monitor the system for accomplishment and rewards, Fitness progress gamification for purchasers, distinctive price proposition for advertising.
Goal Gyms : Attract purchasers to gymnasium locations, market new services, optimize the utilization of the gymnasium.
Benefits: a gift system to push gymnasium visits at sure times. observation user progress. Promote loyalty by organizing cluster challenges.
Sports and business health
Objective: Sell products, selling to the proper key audience.
Benefits: Interaction with customers through reward system. Insights from user information from multiple platforms. Innovative selling tools. Partnership with token system firms.
Health insurance
Objective: Eat a healthy way, analyze existing shopper information, reach potential customers.
Benefits: an excellent incentive for a healthy way. Data-driven management selections area unit supported by shopper information.
Objective: Grow the amount of healthy and happy staff, longing for convenient and reliable ways to push sports.
Benefits: A fun and useful gizmo to supply healthy way incentives. potential for a tailor-made challenge for each worker to handle.

How can Lympo’s healthy living scheme be built?
Lympo’s health billfold are going to be launched in many stages. To bring the merchandise to the market as presently as potential, the Lympo token are going to be used as a utility token on the prevailing Lympo platform to buy on-line and offline coaching sessions with the simplest fitness trainer, together with coaching or sports work sessions, consultation by a physiotherapist or specialist.
Lympo users are going to be able to benefit of Lympo’s fitness billfold to urge gift tokens to attain coaching objectives. As additional and additional associates be part of, the Lympo token are going to be wont to access a spread of healthy life-style merchandise and services like activewear and shoes, healthy food and athletic facility with the likelihood of rewarding health goals with the assistance of good contracts.

Pre-sale begins on 23 January at 12:00 GMT +1 London time and ends on 3 February 23:59
London time (GMT + 1) or when the hard cover is reached.

  • 150,000,000 LYM
  • Bonus 20% for the first 30 million LYM
  • Bonus 10% for the next 20 million LYM
  • The rest: 1 ETH ~ 30,000 LYM
  • There is no minimum threshold
  • Max threshold during pre-sale ~ 10,000,000 LYM, ie 286 ET
  • Unsold tokens will be burned

Token begins on March 15th at 12:00 GMT +1 London time and ends on March 25 23:59
London time (GMT + 1) or when the hard cover is reached.

  • 500,000,000 LYM
  • There is no minimum threshold
  • Max threshold of 12,000,000 LYM, which is 600 ETH
  • 20% bonus for the first 80 million LYM
  • The rest: 1 ETH ~ 20,000 LYM
  • Unsold tokens will be burned


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ODEM.IO Unlocking Higher Education

ODEM.IO could be a qualified and sure education trade to make customised info and skill and go straight into the marketplace. The ODEM platform any provides students a lot of choices for housing, transportation and alternative requirements. ODEM can change international and native students to require possession of their education. ODEM can facilitate a live-in-classroom expertise, supported by on-line capabilities.

Kevin Carey, author of the top of College: making the longer term of Learning and also the University of everyplace, imagines a world within which the rigid four-year-degree model of post-secondary schooling and its associated student-debt burden fade into the past. He foresees a time once education becomes an inexpensive, womb-to-tomb method of intellectual associated sensible enrichment formed by an individual’s skilled and private aspirations.
Major international publications like Forbes magazine, The Washington Post and also the social scientist have deemed the $4.6 trillion-to-$6 trillion world education market ripe for technological disruption. Our analysis suggests education is vulnerable due to escalating tuition prices and student debt burdens, the unwarranted quantity of your time needed to earn a degree and a match between school coaching and job skills demanded by employers.

The service fee are going to be generated by the creation and listing of academic lectures, courses and content on the platform. This value are going to be mechanically calculated according the versatile fee structure suppliers and supplemental to the worth list elite by educators once they publish academic content. additionally, the supplier of the Service provider has the power to urge a chunk of this fee. within the platform of the ODEM, the provider are going to be the inducement to affix the platform through the signs of the start of the free distribution of allotted tokens breath reciprocally. once a provider register and make a profile, they have to adhere to the structure of the prices of the provider. The initial structure of rewards are going to be supported 3 factors, which might be the transition because the platform evolves. These factors include:
Time of appointment
The name of the

ODEM may be a comprehensive platform that permits students, educators and repair suppliers within the education business to participate during a direct, suburbanized, period of time marketplace. It empowers participants to look, choose and buy existing academic product moreover as produce, request and discuss custom-made education experiences face to face and on-line. not like on-line education suppliers like Coursera and Khan Academy, the ODEM platform focuses on making period of time, in-person academic programs. thanks to this, the ODEM platform is meant to accommodate not solely the delivery of one course, however additionally the related services and programming that square measure enclosed in accommodating a gaggle of scholars traveling to a location for at some point, a month or perhaps a year. Since the bulk of our current offerings square measure onsite academic experiences, we’ve got engineered associate degree off-blockchain capability to manage a spread of tasks, together with the negotiation of prices, the securing of service suppliers and therefore the creation of student certificates.

The education trade faces several challenges that ODEM seeks to resolve by providing the following;
Access to each native and international onsite, and in-person academic experiences. whereas ODEM will give any form of learning expertise, the program emphasizes on-the-ground education at elite establishments round the globe.
A single education community within which students, educators and repair suppliers will communicate and participate directly during a secure setting.
A a lot of economical manner of sharing and understanding academic needs, goals and details to satisfy the speedily dynamical force and also the economic process of scholars and educators
A single, period of time system of negotiation, info description associated payments on an agreed-upon schedule.
An integrated tutorial and info schedule builder with details offered to all or any participants to confirm development of academic programs that square measure clearly set out and specified by all parties.
Capacity to perform back-and-forth language translation in any respect levels of education procural to confirm that vital nuances in program requests aren’t lost in translation.

Whether to travel to school someday or a week-long coaching event, the platform is ODEM connecting with students and educators supply Courses at each value purpose anyplace round the world. And with the growing community of users, the breath of the platform are going to be the best thanks to purchase or sell customised education and coaching in cross-border level. The ODEM are going to be supported by a collection of programs that square measure placed within the Ethereum blockchain. the employment of the Ethereum can give transparency and easy payment. The user can get into the platform, the service set to shop for, and a record of the acquisition is saved to blockchain. Functions and activities performed before getting, like searching for or adding a replacement info are going to be handled by the platform of the network.

Token sale will occur in two phases :

  1. Pre token sale — early adopter phase
    This Pre Crowdsale stage will begin on December 10, 2017. In Pre-token sales, 58.2 million ODEMT will be issued at a discount rate of € 0.0375. This ODEMT will published at a 25 percent bonus rate. Please note the bonus tokens will only be accessible After completion token token and token generation event event has occurred. There is a minimum purchase requirement of 200,000 ODEMT, per user, in Pre-token sales stage.
  2. Sales Token
    The primary token sale will begin tentatively on February 17, 2018 and will continue until March 19, 2018. A total of 180 million ODEMT will be issued. That the token will be issued at, or about € 0.05. Considering the fact that the ODEM platform can only perform optimally if the token is widely distributed, all users will be allowed maximum purchase of 250,000 ODEMT during the first hour of main token sale. After The maximum cap of 250,000 ODEMT will be lifted.

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MARK.SPACE is associate open provide platform for creation of 3D/VR areas and objects of any purpose, to boot as their quick launch and integration into a completely unique theme. The platform is maintained by a crypto economy and is powered bythe Blockchain. MARK.SPACE supports all net browsers (preferably Chrome) and, at an identical time, is compatible with CardBoard, optic and HTC Vive. A PC is all that’s needed to make a progressive VR store, office, community or completely different house for either business or amusement. The MARK.SPACE universe is created of an honest amount of VR areas (units), where each unit is coupled on to its own ranking domain. The holding of units is secure by recording all transactions with units (to turn out, sell or rent) on the blockchain. All unit owners may acquire, sell and/or rent their units to others through use of excellent contracts. MARK.SPACE has its own MARK token (MRK), a utility token used as internal currency. The MRK token permits all users to sell and procure VR units and objects, consume varied product and use services, pay earnings to their workers and procure ads to promote their businesses through the platform. GPU-miners world organisation agency area unit rendering VR areas and objects for the platform’s users additionally can receive rewards in MRK tokens (POW conception).

The main set up of MARK.SPACE is to administer the world a straightforward tool tocreate and launch any VR/3D project, and to do and bang quickly, whereas not necessary costs. Secondly, all comes created on our platform area unit accessible from most traditional devices, like a PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones — through any web-browser and whereas not the need to use a VR-headset. The project was fashioned with the thought to leverage VR technologies that merely appeared, thus on type a world where everything would jibe world as shut as potential.


MARK.SPACE’s main plan is to grant the globe a straightforward tool for making and launching VR / 3D comes, and doing them quickly, while not vital value. Secondly, all comes engineered on our platform area unit accessible from most normal devices, like PCs, laptops, smartphone tablets — through net browsers and while not the requirement to use VR headsets. The project is constructed on the concept of utilizing the freshly rising VR technology, to form a world during which everything can match world to the fullest.

Conten Creation

The MARK.SPACE platform is meant to grant users all the tools necessary for the creation of VR content. this model permits the creation of VR house, residential, shared and business housing (offices and malls), stuffed with parts of article of furniture, interior style, instrumentation and pre-selected transmission content. within the future, there’ll be the choice to feature user-generated digital content like articles, books, paintings and music.

Currently, we have a tendency to area unit developing our own scripting languages that enable users to form 3D objects and their own apps. or else, you’ll be able to simply virtualize the within of associate degree existing building employing a 360 ° camera and import it into MARK.SPACE.

Virtual Reality Market

The market share of AR or VR can grow from USD eleven.4 billion in 2017 to USD 215 billion by 2021. VR is quite simply a game; it is also e-commerce, business, education, science, industry and plenty of alternative fields. All MARK.SPACE locations area unit totally operational 3D zone in any browser and compatible with all VR headsets. This resolution will increase users and content suppliers by a dozen factors. exploitation VR or helmet specs is associate degree possibility, that unveil distinctive opportunities for the event of the economic sector of the web.


MARK.SPACE is that the basic Unit of Virtual assets properties with associate degree open supply address. The list of property accounting for every unit is maintained at Blockchain, that ensures the protection of non-public knowledge. Units are often sold-out or hired to alternative users through good contracts.

Token Sale
Symbol: MRX
Inventory Token: 3,000,000,000
Maximum Purchase: 10,000 ETH / 3000000 MRX
Minimum Purchase: 0.001 ETH / 3 MRX
Token Price: $ 0,1

Pre-ICO 31 October 2017 — November 17, 2017
ICO November 21, 2017 — December 21, 2017
Payment system using ETH and BTC
Hard Cap : 77,300,000 USD

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HADA DBANK – Digital bank to fuse islamic banking modul white blockchain technology

What is a HADA DBANK?

Hada DBank is that the initial digital bank to link Islamic banking with BlockChain Technology, to form moral banking AN system and accountable. we tend to presently suffer from harassment of our banks and monetary establishments against our customers. There square measure players United Nations agency earn cash from nothingness with debt and interest. this is often the rationale that the world economy has folded from time to time, as a result of it’s emerged since the first century. the shortage of responsibility that the bank has been defendant of is sort of daring. that’s why we tend to selected to become a neighborhood of the institution of the bank, the involved bank and in person presently the present monetary revolution.

Hada DBNK Digital Bank can become the world’s initial block channel to fuse Islamic banking modules with a BlackChan technology, to form moral banking AN system and accountable. Since the bank’s current digital and block channel, new fashioned bank has centered on ancient banking services, we’ve got set to win Islamic banking services because of the shortage of such facilities. In the year 2016, Islamic banking is around $ 1.5 trillion worldwide.

We will raise capital for the event of Hada DBAK by means that of HADACoin. consumers are going to be ready to use HADACoin to conduct a banking dealings or daily activity. Our customers are going to be discharged with a charge account credit, that permits them to form transactions with our HADASEON within the platon of banking or alternative traders round the world.

Islamic banks square measure less risky and harder than their peers thanks to the side of their capital wants and therefore the quality of their bank deposits. not like usual banking services, deposits in shariah law banks have the proper to receive info concerning what banks do with cash. They even have the proper to vote, during which their cash should be endowed. monotheism banks additionally obtain to avoid interest in the slightest degree levels of monetary transactions and encourage the sharing of risks between lenders and borrowers.

There square measure 2 basic principles in shariah law banking. one in every of them is that the distribution of profits and losses; and 2, to an oversized extent, a ban on interest assortment and payment to creditors and investors. Collective interest or “Riba” is inadmissible below shariah law. In terms of profit, each the bank ANd its customers in an united kind. just in case of loss, all monetary losses are incurred by the mortal. additionally, monotheism banks can’t produce debt while not product and services to support it (ie physical assets, as well as machinery, instrumentation and inventory). Thus, our deposits, deposits and investments with DBank are supported by physical assets like precious metals and precious stones.

Technology Huda DBank

Hudana DBank, that uses personal block chains, that gets deposited in every node within the network. By default, the nodes square measure controlled by the Hada DBNK. Some nodes solely save the copy of Blocken and failed to participate within the method of Confirometria transcnet (consensus protocol). This node will act as a entryway node or backup server. A node that acts as a validator may be found on the network phase that is secured from the bank and created on the market through the entryway node.

Why monotheism Banking?

There square measure two basic principles in law banking. One is that the sharing of profits and losses; and a pair of, significantly, the prohibition of interest assortment and payment by creditors and investors. aggregation interest or “Riba” isn’t allowable below jurisprudence. From the profit aspect, every the bank and its customers square measure in accordance with the in agreement proportion. If there’s a loss, all cash losses square measure borne by the loaner. in addition, monotheism banks cannot turn out debt whereas not product and services to support it (ie physical assets furthermore as machinery, equipment, and supplies). Therefore, deposits, deposits and investments with DBank square measure supported by physical assets like precious metals and gemstones.

Features and Benefits of Elsklisif Hada DBank

1.Encrypted free account & e-Wallet

a.smartphone — banking applications
b. Non-Smart Phone — SMS / USSD Code

2. Savings & Withdrawals

a. Minimum 5% return on savings per year
b. No withdrawal fees

3. Transfer, Remittance & Exchange

a. free transfer and remittance fees (fiat and cryptocurrency) between personal storage account and e-wallet
b. minimum 0% fee on exchange transactions via HADA Exchange (between crytocurrency). There is no charge on the primary FIAT currency during crypto currency-fiat exchanges.
c. Connect with partners or open the API to get better interest rates for other currencies

4.Loan & Investment
a. 0% Loan Interest
b. 10% minimum investment return

5. Real-Time Payments Real-Time
Payments use HADACoin and Cryptocurrencies / Tokens through our Debit Card


Buyers are ready to use HADACoin to conduct banking transactions or daily activities. Our customers are issued with a open-end credit, that permits them to interact with our HADACoin, at intervals the banking noble metal or different merchants round the world.

The transactions square measure registered and hold on within the blocks. the most information is dead within the blockchain network. every block is cryptographically coupled to the previous block. This ensures the protection and additionally the privacy. every part block is handled by a separate set of functions.

The customers also can perform the money withdrawals from the ATMs by partnering with the banks globally. there’s no service or the withdrawal fee for the purchasers and thence the purchasers will get pleasure from the free transactions.

HADACoin Distribution

A total of 500 million HADACoins will be issued. 295 million coins will be offered for sale. Of the 295 million coins, 20 million will be allocated to private investors and insttutonal buyers. 50 Million coins 275 Million will be released during the PRA-ICO exercise and the remaining 225 million coins will be released in our ICO practice in the near future. 10 million coins will be allocated to the gift campaign.

Pre-ICO Funding Target

Soft Cap = 5,000 ETH
Hard Cap = 20,000 ETH

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