SAFEKEET – The Smart Digital Safe Deposit Box That Simplifies


SAFEKEET is built a smart platform that will enable automated documents cataloging and archiving. Data Storage is great, but be inside a throw every document in one place and find out that everything has been carefully sorted, that’s better the actual instrumentality of this modern innovation. Safekeet is eager to be familiar with user’s service bills, tax statements, etc. and sort them in the right place as a way absolutely simplify the ways files are stored and retrieved, eventually.

The platform is a connected living network that features a data interface that can gather automatically user’s personal reports. Once the connection is recognized, users of the ecosystem don’t need to scan or mail bills and documents, safekeet takes good it by uploading them into your SafeKeet private inbox.
What’s more, it is going to use the synthetic intelligence as well as to optical character recognition engineering to be qualified for secure your computer details. You won’t need to think about matters such as hacking once you’re storing the ideas.
Moreover, it often be using the artificial intelligence as well as optical character recognition technology to be able to protect your data. You will not have to fret about things like hacking whenever in order to saving the data files.

The advantage of decentralization is start selling it not need to trust any company since your things will be on the chain. This system also uses AI to sort your documents, their fragments, encrypt them, and then store them with the users own block chain. Users with spare storage can receive tokens, preserving the fragmented and encrypted data of other people, and users with files can store their important materials on the block-chain by holding tokens.

Decentralized architecture
The decentralization will ensure that the privacy on the data is maintained too. This ensures that if you are saving even confidential data or crucial data, you won’t have be concerned about the privacy of the data on their own. This will again provide you with a platform that be works with storing highly classified data as well as features the familiar proper safety mechanisms high. Owing to the blockchain technology, the information will be stored in the decentralized route. This will ensure not exactly the safety mechanisms in place will protect your data but the decentralization technology will also protect information. This will ensure that you able to hold your data in a wholly safe way.

The Blockchain technology in order to be incorporated let community members explore enormous potentials and benefits among the platform; hence the bionetwork will be fueled with the mechanism of the token.

Pre-ICO and ICO only 20% tokens of superior health supply would be allocated. Company decide to create minimum sale for Pre-ICO and ICO it would be 12 000 000 SKT tokens, otherwise project in order to canceled. If ICO would certainly be successfully token release is planned on March 2018.
The token that is employed to interconnect mutually within the circumference among the platform is Safekeet tokens (SKT). The token possibly be traded for the Ethereum platform and smart contract tailored towards that direction to ensure dependability. 1, 000, 000, 000 SKT have been created overall supply. 12, 000, 000 SKT is scheduled as Softcap while 200, 000, 000 SKT is postulated regarding Hardcap for that project. During ICO, 1 SKT will be equal to 0.25.

Token sale
-Token acronym: SKT
-Pre-ICO : From 15th January 2018
-Price – 0.25 EUR per SKT token, discount based on volume
-Accepted fiat currency – EUR or USD
-Soft cap: 12 million tokens
-Hard cap: 200 million tokens
-Accepted cryptocurrencies – BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC.
-Total token supply: 1 000 000 000 SKT

Safekeet is equipped with a solution which many on the companies currently looking over. The enterprise market for this solution additionally be pretty giant. This is the reason why the potential of this platform is reasonably huge as well as the platform has arrived to remain. As long as the company is just about to get the first traction on the list of clients, long term of this platform looks pretty white-colored.


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FRASCOIN – Generate Routine Passive Income

Frasindo is a company may bolster the world of online transport and the field cryptocurrency, using capital from ICO to develop real business in the transportation sector and will promise dividends / profits for token owners, this is a great concept and rarely stumbled upon.
This project will really do the first companies that fully cooperate to be the use-cases of blockchain technology and example of all blockchain ability. Unlike other coin, frascoin gives routine incomes in digital Asset up to 40%/year plus Free car usage and lots benefits.

But, still many problems exist in the sector which discourages people to invest. A few of the problems are mentioned below.
-Lack of transparency and activity
-Not backed by any reals assets to safeguard the company
-Lack of proper roadmap and Goals to earn revenue
-Lack of failproof Plan to protect the member of the community
-Selling false hopes and idea without any prototype and solution

FRASCOIN is offering real value to the customers with a failproof plan. It is a company in Indonesia involved in the car rental business. Its partners are UBER, GRAB and GOCAR. Having a real asset backing, it is a self-sustainable blockchain incubator which provides people with a unique investment option. The company is legally registered in Indonesia with the physical office and a transparent business model.

-It provides free car usage facility along with drivers. Well, how about going out with your family on a business vacation?
-The child projects in the platform will be awarded 10% giveaway of coins which is sure going to benefit them.
-The growth of the company varies and the profit coming from the company is going to help it in even tough times.
-The Buyback feature is an add-on. This helps to keep the coins safe from dump and pump.

-24/7 real observable live Activities by GPS & Camera, Help us securing the company
-Backed by real Assets, and the assets Certificate are Escrowed by NXT Foundation
-Fully EStablished companies, not much research needed anymore, completing the less
-PROVIDE Routine Passive Income, may never worry on market downturn times
-Legalized and REGULATED by the government, included in 2020 indo-transportation master-plan
-Everything about frasindo, anytime, anywhere, as easy from your phone

FRAS coin is the official token for Frasindo project. It is a utility coin backed by real assets. It will operate on top of Ardor Ignis Stellar blockchain. It is a multi-blockchain platform. The token supply for the ICO is 100 million FRAS coins. The limited supply helps retain the price of the coin. The best way to get these coins is through crowdsale. FRAS coins don’t have any right to company ownership. Token holders get additional 10% coins during company expansion. The deadline for ICO is 21rd February 2018.

Token Allocation
Total FRAS Coin for crowdsale : constant 71,140,160FRAS (+Bonus morning time) allotted through crowdsale
Bounty & Marketing : consistently two% from the total opinions, in total 1,814,800FRAS, dispensed through a lot of bounty programs
FRAS Coin bought to initial supporter :
consistently 1,260,000FRAS will be reserved and allotted to present initial supporters in which investment 7cars in operational
In element 1,050,000 FRAS(7cars x 150,000FRAS) &and& +20% Bonus (210,000FRAS).

Token Sale and distribution
The crowdsale has already started from 15th February and will end by 15th April 2018.
The Round 1 is open for 4 days and will provide a 20% bonus.
The Round 2 is open for 5 days and will provide an 18% bonus.
The Round 3 is open for 6 days and will provide a 15% bonus.
The Round 4 is open for 7 days and will provide a 10% bonus.
The Round 5 is open for 10 days and will provide a 7% bonus.
The Round 6 is open for 13 days and will provide a 5% bonus.
The Round 7 is open for 15 days and will provide a 0% bonus.

If the token will not be sold out on ICO, management makes the remaining purchases and thus will fix the price and affect the token growth. They have such financial opportunities. Another advantage of token holders is that they will be able to receive monthly income depending on the amount of crypts they have. Dividends will be sent from the car rental company daily and to convert from Fiat to digital currency. Thus, investors will be able to generate a good additional income.

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LUXCESS - First Investment Fund With Zero Commission and Life Time Rewards For Contributors


LUXCESS GROUP is that the initial investment fund with zero commission and lifelong award for contributors. Luxcess Group is additionally known as the initial Initial Coin Ofering project, which has 3 forms of financial gain and can reward its supporters with womb-to-tomb gifts. This investment trust fashioned the Royal platform, that is predicated on Blockchain technology. All investors are able to deposit their coins to the current platform, which can treat the SHARE PROFIT principle. meaning that you simply can solely pay commissions on the proits we are going to create. you’ll be able to absolutely management your capital. Luxcess Group also will increase LXC coin costs, by investment in our project solely with our LXC coins.

The name “Luxcess” consists of two words “Luxury” and “Success”, which describe the goals our team well. Hugely “lux”, on one hand, represents abundance, quality, luxury and surplus, but, on the other instrument hand, the word “success” means achievement as a vital characteristic. When associated with these words are combined, we get a strong combination that indicates the direction the location where the story will take place, as well as the people behind it. Said . “group” was different for the current coin, representing the community, the link and the team.

Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission of Luxcess Group is to assist become a part of a large investment relation. On the other hand, the goal is make it possible for transparent management and capital escalation as many people as possible. We always believe that teamwork, information and discipline are required to success.

Luxcess Group project is situated four pillars, as follows:
-Team work

How LUXCESS GROUP Actually works?
We have stuck a good exquisite system for several. It combines a heterogeneous investment portfolio, experiences, and cooperation. The heterogeneous investment portfolio combines old-style and stylish investments, that job on splendidly and put up safe and semi permanent incomes. each gain strategy has its fluctuations. Thus, our team developed the whole that mixes plenty of how, techniques and branch investments, and groups them throughout an entire with an ambition to remain a seamless gain and clients’ glee.

The advantage of this platform is blockchain-based technology, which has many positive factors, such as speed, transparency, accuracy, reliability, security and decentralization. Which means that you may have a constant control over your capital and you could decide to increase capital, withdraw only one part in addition to entire capital, all simply no cost of entry and exit. Previously Luxcess Group platform , you can check the account balance / credit as well as investment history and coin the cost of it.

The purpose of Luxcess Group is to introduce investment on the general communal. We want to introduce it as an activity where a person might be linked. Thus, ideas and platforms are designed in such a manner that ensures quick and fast usage, as everything can finished with a few mouse activates.

We are the first project to get over three pores and skin your income:
-Coin price growth
-A reward if you get support on your own
-Royal Luxcess Trading

ICO Token Details
Stаrting рriсе оf one LXC tоkеn are zero.15 USD throughout thе ICO project. Thе numbеr оf tоkеnѕ thаt you may rесеivе dереndѕ оn whеn еxасtlу уоu invest in thе ICO project. Thоѕе whо invеѕt in thе project еаrliеr can bе аwаrdеd with biggеr numbеr оf tоkеnѕ.

Sуmbоl: LXC
Tоtаl ѕuррlу: 35.000.000 Tоkеnѕ fоr ѕаlе: 28.000.000
Plаtfоrm: Ethеrеum ERC-20 (ETH) Tоkеn Priсе: $0.15
Prе-ѕаlе start: 1.3.2018 аt 3:00 PM (GMT+1)
Pre-sale еnd: 3.3.2018 at 2:59 PM (GMT+1) not ѕоld during thе ICO project, thеу will bе burnt.
Sаlе ѕtаrt: 3.3.2018 аt 3:00 PM (GMT+1)
Sale еnd: 7.4.2018 at 2:59 PM (GMT+1)



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CARDSTACK – Experience Layer of Blockhain

Are usually the cards?
Cardstack wants to think about every app or dApp that you use and break them down into their basic actionable things. Cards are the basic output of apps. Facebook is known for its newsfeed, a social network and a messenger. Each of this can be a separate card. Cards can be for any involving service, cloud or decentralized and could be loaded to create an all in a single solution. Cardstack is building the experience layer of the decentralized internet; it’s a way internet applications can meet up with one another; all the block chain intercommunication internet connection. It essentially brings decentralization for the mass market.

Benefits of Cardstack:
-One token to for everything, it is not necessary anymore to train different associated with tokens every single of the requirements you are using
-Only pay for the features you probably are using, eradicate useless/overlapping features and overpayment
-All-in-one solution, there is no need for switching between apps anymore
-Security and transparency due to the blockchain technology

Cardstack advantages:
-One token to buy multiple services that require payment; eliminating the depend on for managing multiple payed accounts
-Gather data for several apps all under a single area instead of multiple individual apps
-Pay for only safety measure use and need
-Tie block chain and non-block chain apps together easily.

Who will make use of it?
-Anyone makes use of multiple Apps & DApps to finish a single workflow will find Cardstack very important. At its core Cardstack is a platform for users to switch and simplify their workflows so the potential audience is large.
-The core members belonging to the Cardstack ecosystem are:
-Prospects Which include users that creates cards for everyday exploit.
-Makers Software developers and service providers that contribute cards to the ecosystem.
-Analytic Miners These miners calculate the amount of rewards that the makers additionally the miners receive.

How Cardstack work?
Cardback in order to break down every feature of every app or dApp you are using his or her basic areas. Each component is defined as a Card. As an example the messenger purpose of Whatsapp, which represents a card could be combined while using the soccer liveticker/newsfeed, which represents another plastic. By doing so, Cardstack is creating one simple all-in-one solution for every kind of app credit. Users then can choose and have enough money for the features they really need to have as well as leaving unnecessary ones out.

In ICO a predetermined quantity belonging to the cryptocurrency under view is available for sale to investors in exchange for fiat money additional established digital money. In the case of cardstack, CARD is sold in connected with token’ to investors often for Ethereum cryptocurrency. Can pertinent to note that cardstack token sale only accepts Ethereum. With a total of 10 billion tokens available, necessarily about 2 billion of choices tokens are made for sale for the token sale. Interested investors will have to enter on the cardstack website in order to be eligible token sales. There is a selection of benefits associated with investing in the cardstack cryptocurrency.

Cardstack Token
Name: Cardstack Token
Symbol: CARD
Token Type: ERC20 on Ethereum
Hard cap: $35,000,000 in USD
Soft cap: $10,000,000 in USD
Token Created at TGE: 6,000,000,000 CARD
Token Available for Public at TGE: 2,400,000,000 CARD (40%)
Bonus for Pre-Allocation: 10%
TGE Date: Q1 2018
Method of Contribution: ETH
Maximum Number of Tokens: 10,000,000,000 CARD in 2028


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KNOWLEDGE – Powering Decentralized Knowledge Sharing Networks is a multi-faceted platform allows for people staying rewarded instantly by sharing what they know. It is a platform with forward thinking crypto technology, creating an end user centric approach to information gathering and persona crafting. proposes a new frontier in knowledge tracking, verification and validation, and through using reward and incentive models detailed below, attains industry of engagement. will adopt blockchain technology in two ways: to implement its Knowledge token as an involving value, and to store information of value to advertisers, educators, enterprises different users in a transparent manner that gives confidence to all parties concerned. Blockchain technology and the Special platform will facilitate the valuation of knowledge and the exchange of value.

The core of the platform is the Knowledge Score. Knowledge Scores and associated user personas will track and measure anyone’s knowledge on the vast involving topics.
The various other use cases of Knowledge Score are:
-Rewards for the Employees
-Integration of Academic Technology
-Application Adoption
-Crowdsourcing the info of Experts
-Announcement of Public Service
-Responsibility for that Community
-And quite more are still lying somewhere around. Knowledge Score is the base of that brings in all the variety of the users to filter as per their would like.

Solutions Offered functions with a simple agenda in your mind and of which may be to spread knowledge together with its importance to everyone. Assist you with that, pops up with costs of Knowledge score.
With the aid of Knowledge Score, it finish up easy in order to and discover the amount of knowledge that an user has about a special topic. Knowledge Score may outstretch ought to be familiar that will sum up stories and will show the mirror towards the users use the printer reflect their brilliance. This innovation wasn’t possible prior to.

-The platform provides an online Seller Marketplace offering advertiser products and services available in exchange for Knowledge bridal party.
-Ecommerce stores and many are based on advertiser campaigns and content within the platform.
-In order to jumpstart the Marketplace and ensure users appreciate tokens earned, we established relationships with merchants which will provide a catalog of 300,000 materials

The actual whole world benefits against this platform
-An individual answers trivia queries about a range of topics on Knowledge’s Trivia Spar game. The responses provided from the individual are usually develop the user’s Knowledge Score on those topics and the individual is awarded knowledge Tokens proportional to their shawls by hoda donates. The information gathered is then provided for educational, business and other purposes in exchange for value.
-With the platform, advertisers can deduce what men and women knows or doesn’t know about their brand and vendors. Hence, they can create ads for better effect.
-Advertisers can contact Vetted Knowledge Stars in the platform to review and promote their brand thereby generating products or services sold. These brands can consequently reward the Knowledge Stars.
-With this platform, brands can understand their customers better and improve customer satisfaction.
-With this platform, brands can discover knowledge trends and gain competitive insights over other brands.
-People are naturally resistant to change, but the knowledge token will motivate employees to learn new ways of doing things since these kinds of earning a reward for learning.
-In the educational sector, the knowledge Token creates a motivation for learning and use with respect on the substantial educational subjects thereby maximizing outcomes for students and educators and having the most out of the school’s budget.
-The platform affords inquires to obtain expert information.
-Nonprofits can use the platform find out donors.
-Advertisers will cherish a new advertising model called Cost Per Response to interact with their existing and prospective customers better.

Tokens & ICO
This conditions exchange as referring unit of abbreviation on returns with the attains on field as distributing spares of notes and information to gives within table as referring option the actual offers for your public partisan with each month as might to displace selection of disposition with the decision as expending associated with resource when using the entrance on business of your remote knowledge tuition auction as the pursuance of your KNOWLEDGE builder.
Token Sale ends April 8th, 2018 at midnight.
Private sale dates: December 5th January 15th 11:59am
Pre-sale dates: January 15th 12pm February 26th 11:59am
Main Token sale dates: February 26th 12pm April 8th 11:59am
Sale method: CAP Sale
Token value: $1.00 USD
Crowdsale cap: $65 Mln
Currencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Wire Transfer
Minimum TX size: Corresponding to $200 USD
Pre-Sale Bonus schedule:
January 15th 12pm January 29th 11:59am 65%
Main-Sale Bonus schedule:
February 12th 12pm February 26th 11:59am 25%
February 26th 12pm March 12th 11:59am 10%
March 12th 12pm March 26th 11:59am 5%
March 26th 12pm April 8th 11:59am No Bonus.


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Bob’sRepair – Smart Contracts. Smart Contractors

About Bob’s Repair

Bob’s Repair is a company created to remove cheating at an Accredited trading services industry by launching a decentralized web site where everybody can execute a lookup based on earlier transactions for virtually any worker and see just how a lot of services they will have.
Bob’s Repair founder was connecting contractors with consumers as 2013, serving 55,000 buyers and earning over $ 1,000,000 in revenues to their builders throughout promotion campaigns. The brothers then decided touse block-chain technology to fix important problems affecting modern day home advancement marketplace by establishing up Bob’s Repair. Bob’s Repair’s mission is always to completely eradicate cheating and intermediaries in the business, attracting all consumers instantaneous and economical, transparency and reassurance of mind if you are looking for builders.

Bob’s Repair can utilize a Sensible Deal to withhold payment on Escrow and remove it when the landmark is done. That is building a Reputable Transaction Network where buyers may set landmarks with contractors and launch capital after completing each phase of this project.Smart contract - cryptocontract is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currency or assets between parties below certain conditions. Intelligent contracts not just characterize tips and punishments around the same understanding as traditional contracts, nevertheless they can also authorize that commitment. Without a creative broker is ensured user-friendly.


Bob’s Repair’s assignment is to totally eliminate cheats and Intermediaries in the industry, taking all of buyer’s direct expenses and also low priced, transparency and peace of mind if locating a contractor.

Consider WITH Blockchain

Bob’s improvement is to build a community of credible groups. Even the Network wherever the consumer will clarify the milestones with all the contractor along with also free the funds later completing each and every phase of the project.


Back in 2014, Bob’s Repair has improved greater than 50,000 clients by Connecting customers to contractors through a representative worker Trade Platform (STWP). Now we are projected to enlarge to the very top 100 US Markets.


Bob’s developments can benefit from a Great Deal to Earn payments In a written agreement and publish them like a square-size milestone finished.

Why We Utilize BlockChain?

We prefer touse blockchain technologies, because this tech is more secure than the typical technology today. Unlike technologies that are conventional, blockchain technology does not want a thirdparty, so that it’s safer and cost-effective. And blockchain technology is a minimal system error, so that tech is much simpler and trustworthy. We’ll develop Bob Apps on STEEM blockchain, that consists of complex iOS, Android and mobile programs.

This program can use Blockchain engineering to address bogus review issues by other users. This application may save all monetary transactions which occur on block chain technologies that we’ve designed in such a manner. If a trade occurs between the purchaser and the contractor, an individual leaves the inspection, and the system will automatically link the review into this true financial transaction. Having a system like this, we will demonstrate the actual data in light of the true financial trade, or so the buyer can expect the inspection is both unchanged and real.


Shrewd Assets

Shrewd contracts make sure each of gatherings included. Bob’s Repair will Use advised contracts maintain installments preserved and issue them since developments are finished.

Trust with BlockChain

Deceitful audits mislead clients. Bob’s Repair will utilize Blockchain invention to connect real monetary exchanges to surveys, using trust back to the analysis treatment.

Straight-forward Pricing

An absence of straightforwardness in estimating attracts Greater Expenses for purchasers. Bob’s Repair will let clients to comprehend just how much contractual workers have beforehand been charging for comparative employments, creating estimating straightforward.

STEEM BlockChain

Bob’s Repair will use the STEEM Block Chain because of its Three second trade time, no exchange outlays, ability to upvote, hail posts, and produce a client notoriety.

Demonstrated History

The Prandecki siblings have ahead encouraged greater than 50,000 Administration brings creating more than $1,000,000 USD in income. They know the difficulties confronting the residence repair industry and how exactly to repay them.

No Marketing Charges

Contenders charge boosting expenses for contractual workers. Contractual workers move this expense onto buyers. Bob’s Repair wont bill promoting expenses, which can cause lower expenses for customers and better borders for contractual employees.

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KROSSCOIN – The Universal Application Monetization Platform

About Krosscoin

Krosscoin іѕ а vеrу elegant- assemble apps аnd а frame for example monetization uѕing that the Ethereum decentralized blockchain. KSS introduces а consumption-based token framework that allоws program developers to monetize anу operational component, in virtually any program, conducting оn any operating platform.

This platform іѕ a receptive platform thаt enables supply and Monetization comfortably. This enables a software programmer to help you cаn get full accessibility аnd accessibility іntо new оf anу method. Useful to know thing to be aware is that utilization increases, ѕо dоeѕ monetization giving a border fоr the development of user knowledge.

Particular features are possibly moѕt clearly monetization concept; an API port, cost gateways. An API interface empowers an instantaneous аnd quick integration оf monetization while banking payment and procedures gateways will probably be muсh irrelevant aѕ payment by users iѕ beіng made wіth KSS tokens and developers arе compensated with KSS tokens. One application that employed total tier in the Krosscoin monetization platform iѕ pending Pipdroid program (Pipdroid Optima). This Pipdroid provides implementation оf mobile jobs, social trading, forex, stocks trading аnd management оf crypto trades or trading of apps.

The program wаѕ created by Mark who’s oftеn a cryptocurrency Small business proprietor. One for your own in-house endeavors involved with thiѕ special monetization theory iѕ Ribbon which dоeѕ several thoughts. Ribbon creates ѕurе of using a crypto pocket once when converting texts, chats, video and voice communicating wіth gifting. This Ribbon project boosts effective communication betwеen people whilе household, associates therеfore across. One othеr thing yоu could create with Ribbon іѕ increase funds anonymously intо yоur crypto pants pocket.

KROSSCOIN Bussiness Model
A fresh set of apps iѕ accompanied by аnd embedded wіth KSS monetization — ITO wіll quicken nеw program growth.

KSS system wіll accumulate tо app developers uѕіng API interface — come to be billed 1 percent intake setup fee.


There’s truly а option of increasing thе long-term related to KSS. Permanent burning of 10 percent оf platform prices and 25 percent of Vinekross Corp cellular programs — Seamless digital advertising funds transport.

Krosscoin is а really monetization platform thаt’ѕ produced with the Ethereum decentralized blockchain the press . . Rapid Krosscoin adoption necessitates allowing framework tо implement, аn API is generally made thеrе for any app custom made. Any application transaction uѕіng thе API іѕ attainable over a KSS Ethereum blockchain generally aѕ thе KSS іѕ decentralized, to guarantee monetization intermediaries beсome unimportant whilе application publishers havе lead in аn effort to sales with the KSS Ethereum blockchain.

— Ethereum Blockchain: The supply of KSS reаllу Ethereum wallet as ERC20 tokens had been surprised completion 1 stage for this ITO e.g. Pre-ITO participants alwaуs receive theіr tokens bеforе point 1 participants.
— Multiple Mobile App Releases: Vinekross Corp released ѕevеral software that create revenue which hаs been incorporated with KSS from Pre-Vinekross Corp.. More programs аre software pre-integrated wіth Krosscoin.
— 100 Million ExRCCirculating Supply- 20 Tokens: 5% presale, 35% ICO, 25 percent potential project development, 25% creators/ programmers/ helpers and 10 percent reward are dispersed in thіs platform.
— Multi-Platform Ecosystem: Apps are allowed exchange worth wіth othеr apps, merchants etc..
— Decentralized Immediate Access: Developers could make transactions by sending аnd getting KSS tokens аs trades occur regаrding KSS Ethereum blockchain.
— Evidence Neighborhood: Krosscoin іs merеly an usefulness market which cаn readily be exchanged for mobile app use. Proof Network signifies ownership of KSS.

Pipdroid Pearl (for MT5)
The onlу user-launched mobile algorithm trading platform, Pipdroid lets traders access Metatrader by launching MQL5 Ea’s (EAs оr bots). Traders сan automate trading оf foreign exchange, commodities and signals. Some trades eat up KSS. Significantly today, automated trading requires keeping complicated technical infrastructure, monthly recurring prices, рlus large initial uр leading bot cost programs. Pipdroid lowers offers and costs easy, state-of-the craft mobile buying and selling viable.

Select from ovеr 20 agents to attain trading algorithms that are own, or Activate among Pipdroid’s proprietary buying and selling system program. Traders cаn automate trading оf currency exchange, commodities and commodities. Some trades consume KSS. Upto now, automatic trading requires keeping complex technical infrastructure, monthly recurring costs, рlus big initial uр front bot cost programs. Pipdroid reduces costs аnd offers easy, state-of-the craft mobile trading workable.
Pick from 20 brokers to test аnd do оwn trading algorithms, or trigger daily fоr a аmong Pipdroid’s proprietary trading programs.

Ribbon converges text / voice / video communication having gifting uѕing that a cryptocurrency lender balance. Ribbon enhances vital communications аmong teams, classes and adored. Charity and non-profit organizations may utilize Ribbon fоr anonymous fundraising events. Embedded GPS navigation аllоws fоr in-person meet-ups for societal or money to crypto deals. Online social networking integration сan release “ribbons” to inspire others tо supply. Ribbon сan аlѕo send signed pdf / word papers and it is embedded wіth Google Translate.

Kross Monetization Platform
A open-source give supply and monetization all-the application form using Krosscoin. Even the Kross Monetization Platform cаn alѕo reward inventors оf thoughts by partnering ideas wіth developers and applying thе share in earnings publishing. Further, the application markets іn developing nations, whеre supply іs restricted to anyplace аnd earnings involves money volatility, and сan leverage the platform to get international distribution and decreased money risk.

Seamless Digital Transfer
Atomic Swaps
To maximize usefulness оf KSS асrоsѕ numerous platforms, thе API framework Enable applications helр automatic nuclear swaps extra nominal money. This potential integration wіll use the emerging electronic transfer Platforms most especially the Lightning Network and even the Komodo Part. Atomic swaps wіll get rid one of the nеed for manual exchange Trading to alter betwеen multiple tokens.

PIPDROID Alternative For ALGORITHMIC Investing
Algorithmic dealing steadily gained popularity by 2010 onwards. Today it is a vital section for effective trading also we’ve got a solution to allow it to be portable for dealers. Currently, the Metatrader Android app lets traders start log and accounts in to various brokerage platforms. Traders can get charts, news, and commerce by hand. The lost bit was utilizing robots or e a (Pro Advisor) since it is popularly known as from the forex market. Dealers who wished to benefit from your vast opportunities that bot-supported trading offers were forced to install and retain a personal host structure. Coming with technical difficulties and yearly recurring fees of up to 50. Usage of a computer or laptop was compulsory. Just the Metatrader desktop client supports bot buying and selling implementation. Additionally, trading robots really are everything but cheap. Costing an onetime cost of 250 and far more for one ribbon execution engine. Finetuning these algorithms regularly requires essential programming wisdom.

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PHI TOKEN – The First Hybrid Robo Investing Platform

About PHI Token

New platform PhiToken, whose goal is to combine all of your investment assets in a single financial unit. Ie this project can be called an aggregator for managers of their own and other people’s assets. Development for the platform will have a positive impact on the developments social trading tools next to the professional level.

A new class of economic assets Crypto-Assets on the basis of a single working ecosystem with all required tools will allow managers and planners of finance not only to increase the amount of target audience interested when controling them, but also to use several lines of management to support customers.

Platform is able to the needs of both private and institutional clients. And thanks to BDMS (documentation management system on the Blockchain), consistency, invariability, and reliable data storage are ensured, ie the authenticity of the document at all levels.

PHI Token is the world’s first Robot / Human Asset Management Platform on the Blockchain, set to disrupt a $90 Trillion dollar market-place, by Diaman Capital Limited with 16 Years Experience in Financial Areas. All PHI token holders will have the chance to participate in the with the introduction the PHI network your concept of proof of stake and also benefit 30% discount in the purchasing of Financial services directly in the Platform for Hybrid Investment (PHI).

PHI is also an open platform for the distribution of financial instruments and services, docs or sites . many Asset Managers, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers advantage of this fully digitalize platform and they can stake lots of PHI Token to become partners of the project. The whole Members from the community that own PHI Token can access back to their professional financial software like a PRO, from a freemium version of software until today reserved to institutional clients only, all of which will easly compare the top in class Asset Manager all over the world to increse their expected return and gain objective with a bigger probability.

The Wealth Management industry has always effectively been a push sector of activity, i really.e. where it is necessary to propose investments and through the relationship with the client to encourage in order to invest your past various obtains. Actually, potential clients do not actively engage in the come across investment advice.

This necessity has led financial product distribution companies to create complex and structured sales networks enable maximum efficiency in sales, rather than training or promoting financial advisors. Business structure described above has produced a very onerous and hard system to sustain occasion and the consequence is that financial instruments have become increasingly expensive and anchored to an obsolete and out-ofmarket work architecture.

PHI Asset Management Platform

With purpose to reduce the supply within your commercial service through digitization and the suppression costs, allowing purchase of a regarding vehicles and assets of krypto, and create a container platform to compare the interrelations between financial assets and mangerial so produce output that is designed for the investors then proudly where Partners LTD. offers to make the first Platform for investment Hybrid (PHI), that allows investments across all asset classes and investment vehicles including crypto assets.

Purpose is provide clients with a fully digital platform to manage all of one’s savings and investments. However, this conveys the human wealth manager to play a role in identifying the needs of folks out there fundamental clients and manage their emotions to avoid financial errors in General. PHI platform will be several consumers Platform for Hybrid Investments, in other words, digital process management with the management of professional experience for client interaction.

Blockchain Technology Usage in PHI

Transparency in field of finance

One of the key aspects in the field of finance is transparency. Wishes necessary for the process, cost, its methodology is actually and transaparansi to the actual trust ofclients. The law of Italy for the provider specifies that info the customer (KYC process results) is registered regarding archives of the single computer that is probably not be new. All documents processed in the blockchain start off to supply the steady specific date and thru through the blockchain furthermore be appeared to record every asset manager advise, financial planner or wealth manager, in a manner that avoids conflict atausalah Tafsir or action by all obligated.

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PODONE – Decentralized Autonomous Manpower Management Network

Podone may be a suburbanised, self-contained human resources management system that integrates a typical contact center organization to optimize client and business interactions. Through Podone, human resources area unit chartered to the complete network to supply the required personnel for client service. The Podone network creates a talent market that gives bigger productivity and bigger price for business.
The simple interface permits contact centers to own access to a large number of representatives with the “downtime” needed to perform their tasks.

Idle time Management
On the employer’s aspect, the interface offered by Podone permits firms to “hold Associate in Nursing auction” with the period of their workers, distributing resources they are doing not use, firms in would like of extra help, and maximising capital.
This means that firms that properly use the Podone resource pool will rework what once was a forceful waste of your time and cash for workers to maximise each.

Contact center
Contact centers across the country are given access to a info obtainable|of obtainable|of accessible} workers UN agency area unit presently available to be used in standby mode to handle a spread of tasks that they’re appropriate. For employers exploitation Podone, this is often Associate in Nursing unbelievably versatile feature; Elastic staffing permits employers to appear for specific dismissed workers UN agency area unit best suited to accomplish their task.

Crypto Technology
As in several trendy business platforms Kriptotehnologij, Podone is provided with its own integration with block chains, additionally as a novel cryptocurrency for firms that may use. The blockade provides the safe decentralization inherent in any blockchain technology, whereas the system of “tokens and wallets” provides businesses round the world with one currency to be used, simplifying transactions and Optimizing interactions at the money level.

Why It is smart For Investors
Kbum token may be a core utility on the network and can be used for each dealing on the platform.
Offering enticing discount token costs.
Make use of the growing center necessities whereas meeting the challenges of Level Service and Leading the trade towards New Market Opportunities.
Developed by the industry’s leading computer code supplier, with fifteen years of trade experience.
Carrying innate requests from Associate in Nursing existing leader base of shoppers.
Provide tremendous ICO investment opportunities from trade Leaders within the growing world sector.

OUR options :
With PodOne, employers will pay their workers idle time on businesses and different people on the network World Health Organization would like extra human resources to induce things done. Associate in Nursing leader leases it
ELASTIC employees
Contact centers will access a network of representatives that the standby time has been marked as offered, and asks personnel World Health Organization cowl all needs for that matter.
The various courses, created by members of the PodOne network, area unit offered at PodOne University with a myriad of essential skills. PodOne University is PodOne’s manner of guaranteeing that the pool is huma.
As a creator of PodOne is Associate in Nursing award-based Fenero primarily based contact center computer code developer, a key performance indicator on traffic interaction and usage patterns for Fene users.
Blockchain technology permits PodOne to take care of a secure and suburbanised network. By victimisation blockchain, all transactions on the network are safe and verifiable in public, eliminating the necessity.
The PodOne network is driven by our own crypto referred to as Qubicle (pronounced sort of a “booth”). All transactions on the network area unit created with Qubicles, giving PodOne a secure, easy-val.

Why will this be to the trade?
Redefine the Contact Center business model through Associate in Nursing annoying decentralization platform.
Overcoming employment issues with excess capability and ranging workers.
Generate workers period.
Provide world coaching standards; guaranteeing consistent service quality.
Providing incentives for client maintenance staff to deliver a good client expertise through QBE Ratings Engine.
Using secure blockchain technology.
Progress capability of Contact Center trade
Creating cryptocurrency is accessed by a gaggle of individuals UN agency mustn’t be concerned — average center representatives!
Meet the growing trade demand through new technology and award and cryptococcal payment platform.

The team behind PodOne incorporates a combined fifty years of expertise within the contact center trade and area unit the leaders behind Fenero, a unquiet
and triumph cloud primarily based contact center platform employed by over a pair of,200 decision and client service organizations worldwide.

PodOne ICO
For those that see money potential in PodOne’s distinctive system, PodOne’s ICO permits for speculators to speculate ETH within the company in exchange for shares in ultimate profits. With what appears like no capitalist caps and a major ETH cap of six,000, a scarcity of current investors makes the ICO a robust candidate for crypto-investor interest.
Currently, a annual roadmap displayed on the company’s introductory web site offers potential investors AN in-depth verify the plans of the manufacturers of the interfaces, particularly wherever monetisation and returns ar involved. The minimum contribution is barely .1 ETH, that makes participation during this growing market potential for investors with very little capital out there.
PodOne seeks to resolve one in all the foremost issues of the twenty first century business model. As businesses begin to expand, idle hours by workers produce a huge fund concern, wasting the time of the worker and therefore the cash of the leader. With PodOne, a decentralized crypto-platform on the blockchain permits corporations the chance to require advantage of decentralized technology and a complicated API to reduce idle hours and maximize potency.

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ETH address 0xC53AF309cb2c85F830148EDf1dfa4B2520E56594 — Intelligent technology for wireless energy

What Is NODE?
Node could be a revolutionary prime quality technology, wherever this technology are going to be claimed to disrupt the wireless code market’s position for private or industrial use. it’s a technology with innovative development, wherever nodes as platforms provide solutions in storage and transmission activities with the simplest quality and nice potency.

The claiming node is within the final stages of model device testing. Further, there area unit 2 essentially completely different schemes that area unit still being explored and improved by the team nodes, including:

First, on associate induction wind or electrical electrical device that includes a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a straightforward magnetic force network referred to as magnetic induction. exploitation this methodology, the transmission of transmission and reception of energy becomes possible at goodish distances, however to get a major voltage during this means it’s necessary to regulate 2 terribly shut coils between one with another roll.


Remote and simultaneous transfer of energy to many devices with any power


Technology can be applied to any electronics


Low to medium cost, in comparison with other solutions, power transfer efficiency up to 90%

Smart Design

Less wires and more space saving. Convenient use and storage


Ergonomic and modern design

Market opportunity
The growing variety of recent innovations on technology and accumulated production of autos, social unit appliances, mobile phones, notebooks and different wireless energy product, resulted in accumulated demand for wireless energy product. Node responded with associate degree energy transfer system to form product usage more practical and economical. The presence of wireless power transmission extends the merchandise life cycle, reducing the necessity for power lines and reducing waste management.

Target Market
The use of wireless systems is commonest in Asia, North America and jap Europe. Node product are marketed within the u. s., Europe China and Japan. taking into consideration the on top of facts, to take a position within the wireless energy transmission trade in these countries is incredibly sensible with a rate of 20% per year.

Investment Through Token Node
Token Node offers a chance to take a position in revolutionary technology. capitalist raising aims to finance the assembly and promoting and sales of Node product. current developments create it potential to become a member of our current ITO campaign, once the risks related to product performance are tidied up, and at a similar time there’s the most potential for future token value will increase.

Product NODE

Flexible pad for wireless charging of electronic devices. Outdoor charge charging lets you charge many devices, place them in requirements or maybe one another.

Target price ~ $ 9
Surface area of 300x200mm
Transmitted power up to 10W
5V USB power supply

Wireless charging station for desktop placement. Eon provides many charging devices at once and comes with automatic power management.

Target price ~ $ 159
Transmitted power — up to 150W
Power supply-220V
Dimensions — 100x70mm

Token NODE offers you a chance to require an edge in revolutionary revolutionary technology products — wireless transmission devices for each personal use and business. The fund assortment is meant to finance the assembly, promotion and sale of Node devices.

The NODE token request is created by a mixture of factors: repurchase implementation moreover as merchandise deduction purchased directly from Node.

Starting 07.12.2017
End 07.01.2018
Token Price: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: equivalent to 10 USD
Total number
token: 0.75 million pcs.
Participants receive 50%
(additional 0.5 tokens per purchase)

Starting 15.02.2018
End of 15.04.2018
Token Price: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: equivalent to 10 USD
The initial participant receives the bonus:

1–10 days 30%
11–20 days 20%
21–30 days 15%
31–40 days 10%

Total number of tokens including Pre-ITO: 10 million pcs
All tokens that are unsold and not shared or will be burned.

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