PHI TOKEN – The First Hybrid Robo Investing Platform

About PHI Token

New platform PhiToken, whose goal is to combine all of your investment assets in a single financial unit. Ie this project can be called an aggregator for managers of their own and other people’s assets. Development for the platform will have a positive impact on the developments social trading tools next to the professional level.

A new class of economic assets Crypto-Assets on the basis of a single working ecosystem with all required tools will allow managers and planners of finance not only to increase the amount of target audience interested when controling them, but also to use several lines of management to support customers.

Platform is able to the needs of both private and institutional clients. And thanks to BDMS (documentation management system on the Blockchain), consistency, invariability, and reliable data storage are ensured, ie the authenticity of the document at all levels.

PHI Token is the world’s first Robot / Human Asset Management Platform on the Blockchain, set to disrupt a $90 Trillion dollar market-place, by Diaman Capital Limited with 16 Years Experience in Financial Areas. All PHI token holders will have the chance to participate in the with the introduction the PHI network your concept of proof of stake and also benefit 30% discount in the purchasing of Financial services directly in the Platform for Hybrid Investment (PHI).

PHI is also an open platform for the distribution of financial instruments and services, docs or sites . many Asset Managers, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers advantage of this fully digitalize platform and they can stake lots of PHI Token to become partners of the project. The whole Members from the community that own PHI Token can access back to their professional financial software like a PRO, from a freemium version of software until today reserved to institutional clients only, all of which will easly compare the top in class Asset Manager all over the world to increse their expected return and gain objective with a bigger probability.

The Wealth Management industry has always effectively been a push sector of activity, i really.e. where it is necessary to propose investments and through the relationship with the client to encourage in order to invest your past various obtains. Actually, potential clients do not actively engage in the come across investment advice.

This necessity has led financial product distribution companies to create complex and structured sales networks enable maximum efficiency in sales, rather than training or promoting financial advisors. Business structure described above has produced a very onerous and hard system to sustain occasion and the consequence is that financial instruments have become increasingly expensive and anchored to an obsolete and out-ofmarket work architecture.

PHI Asset Management Platform

With purpose to reduce the supply within your commercial service through digitization and the suppression costs, allowing purchase of a regarding vehicles and assets of krypto, and create a container platform to compare the interrelations between financial assets and mangerial so produce output that is designed for the investors then proudly where Partners LTD. offers to make the first Platform for investment Hybrid (PHI), that allows investments across all asset classes and investment vehicles including crypto assets.

Purpose is provide clients with a fully digital platform to manage all of one’s savings and investments. However, this conveys the human wealth manager to play a role in identifying the needs of folks out there fundamental clients and manage their emotions to avoid financial errors in General. PHI platform will be several consumers Platform for Hybrid Investments, in other words, digital process management with the management of professional experience for client interaction.

Blockchain Technology Usage in PHI

Transparency in field of finance

One of the key aspects in the field of finance is transparency. Wishes necessary for the process, cost, its methodology is actually and transaparansi to the actual trust ofclients. The law of Italy for the provider specifies that info the customer (KYC process results) is registered regarding archives of the single computer that is probably not be new. All documents processed in the blockchain start off to supply the steady specific date and thru through the blockchain furthermore be appeared to record every asset manager advise, financial planner or wealth manager, in a manner that avoids conflict atausalah Tafsir or action by all obligated.

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