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“Data is new Oil” is that the latest promoting phrase within the business. Company and its choices have become data-driven. however what it usually misses is that the security side of it. The cryptography provided the much-needed security to our information and communication within the digital house. one amongst the foremost necessary parts of trust is security. we have a tendency to really believe the facility of a system as long as it provides a secure system to complete our task. The cryptocurrency could be a technology-driven conception, that utilises cryptanalytic algorithms to secure its transactions. the increase within the digital economy has pushed the safety to its limit.
The continuous incidents of fraud and felony employ the loopholes of this cryptanalytic algorithms. With the continual development of digital applications, we have a tendency to need stronger and secure cryptography framework to take care of trust among customers. The hackers became too refined and discreet to interrupt through the foremost of the safety system. firms area unit disturbed regarding their information over ever attributable to the increase in hacking and felony. we’d like to create an answer for nowadays that survives tomorrow.

Our Mission
Innovation is what drives the Quantum1Net team, we have a tendency to area unit determined to form improbably powerful technology, create it accessible, relevant, and ultimately personal. Quantum1Net’s mission is to form technology that allows and empowers. we’ve designed a product therefore secure that you simply don’t got to worry currently or within the future regarding the safety of your information. we have a tendency to area unit introducing Associate in Nursing unequaled level of technical innovation, combined with a system style that connects with the user to produce vital security, easy use, and peace of mind.

Mecanism Of Quantum
Pseudo-random range generators solely offer the looks of true randomness. In reality, they’re going to invariably gift correlation: there’ll be a pattern within the numbers it generates. By sampling spare of those random numbers, the pattern will be found and eventually the output of the generator foreseen.

Many aspects of the quantum world area unit basically probabilistic: information wherever electrons area unit around Associate in Nursing atom or the polarization of a gauge boson (light) is at random elite from the attainable outcomes upon measuring. By exploiting this, we are able to generate really random sequences of numbers, with no underlying pattern, to form safe secret writing keys. despite {how many|what percentage|what range} samples area unit taken from the quantum number generator, it’ll be not possible to predict succeeding outcome.

Quantum coding key
The Quantum coding Key Generator is that the guts of Quantum1Net’s coding strategy. To revise, generate a multi-digit random vary from that the mathematical properties unit of measurement derived at intervals the case of RSA its prime resolution. However, there’s a heavy draw back, the random generators used unit of measurement alone pseudo-random (commonly called PRNG), so associate RSA secret’s pseudo-random. Tests have shown that PRNGs exhibit repetitive behavior once selecting “random numbers”. This model implies that with enough results, a prediction is also created for future vary picks. Thus, the PRNGs aren’t extraordinarily random.

Quantum1Net depends instead on a Quantum coding Key Generator (QEKG). because of the properties of quantum computers themselves, tests have shown that even in large samples, the chosen numbers don’t follow any pattern, so no precognitive algorithmic program is also derived.


The security of information has become the amount one priority for the corporate within the age of the digital world. there’s a requirement for redefining the safety system framework of these days, that ought to meet the stress of tomorrow. The trust and security area unit 2 of the foremost necessary parts within the digital solutions of these days. QUANTUM1NET has determined to bring the most recent resolution within the cryptographical house, which is able to facilitate firms bring elementary challenges of security.

Quantum computing is the future of computing and with the help of quantum encryption key generator, a robust and secure system will be developed. Quantum computing will play a key role in the future of developing the secure encryption. The RSA cryptography has become too old for the current challenges in the security of the digital and internet communications.

The team behind the project believes that the progress and investment are necessary for the domain of quantum computing. Companies like Microsoft have invested in the research and development of the Quantum computers. I think that time has come to decide the future of security and cryptography.

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