SAFEKEET – The Smart Digital Safe Deposit Box That Simplifies


SAFEKEET is built a smart platform that will enable automated documents cataloging and archiving. Data Storage is great, but be inside a throw every document in one place and find out that everything has been carefully sorted, that’s better the actual instrumentality of this modern innovation. Safekeet is eager to be familiar with user’s service bills, tax statements, etc. and sort them in the right place as a way absolutely simplify the ways files are stored and retrieved, eventually.

The platform is a connected living network that features a data interface that can gather automatically user’s personal reports. Once the connection is recognized, users of the ecosystem don’t need to scan or mail bills and documents, safekeet takes good it by uploading them into your SafeKeet private inbox.
What’s more, it is going to use the synthetic intelligence as well as to optical character recognition engineering to be qualified for secure your computer details. You won’t need to think about matters such as hacking once you’re storing the ideas.
Moreover, it often be using the artificial intelligence as well as optical character recognition technology to be able to protect your data. You will not have to fret about things like hacking whenever in order to saving the data files.

The advantage of decentralization is start selling it not need to trust any company since your things will be on the chain. This system also uses AI to sort your documents, their fragments, encrypt them, and then store them with the users own block chain. Users with spare storage can receive tokens, preserving the fragmented and encrypted data of other people, and users with files can store their important materials on the block-chain by holding tokens.

Decentralized architecture
The decentralization will ensure that the privacy on the data is maintained too. This ensures that if you are saving even confidential data or crucial data, you won’t have be concerned about the privacy of the data on their own. This will again provide you with a platform that be works with storing highly classified data as well as features the familiar proper safety mechanisms high. Owing to the blockchain technology, the information will be stored in the decentralized route. This will ensure not exactly the safety mechanisms in place will protect your data but the decentralization technology will also protect information. This will ensure that you able to hold your data in a wholly safe way.

The Blockchain technology in order to be incorporated let community members explore enormous potentials and benefits among the platform; hence the bionetwork will be fueled with the mechanism of the token.

Pre-ICO and ICO only 20% tokens of superior health supply would be allocated. Company decide to create minimum sale for Pre-ICO and ICO it would be 12 000 000 SKT tokens, otherwise project in order to canceled. If ICO would certainly be successfully token release is planned on March 2018.
The token that is employed to interconnect mutually within the circumference among the platform is Safekeet tokens (SKT). The token possibly be traded for the Ethereum platform and smart contract tailored towards that direction to ensure dependability. 1, 000, 000, 000 SKT have been created overall supply. 12, 000, 000 SKT is scheduled as Softcap while 200, 000, 000 SKT is postulated regarding Hardcap for that project. During ICO, 1 SKT will be equal to 0.25.

Token sale
-Token acronym: SKT
-Pre-ICO : From 15th January 2018
-Price – 0.25 EUR per SKT token, discount based on volume
-Accepted fiat currency – EUR or USD
-Soft cap: 12 million tokens
-Hard cap: 200 million tokens
-Accepted cryptocurrencies – BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC.
-Total token supply: 1 000 000 000 SKT

Safekeet is equipped with a solution which many on the companies currently looking over. The enterprise market for this solution additionally be pretty giant. This is the reason why the potential of this platform is reasonably huge as well as the platform has arrived to remain. As long as the company is just about to get the first traction on the list of clients, long term of this platform looks pretty white-colored.


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