STREAMITY – Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Streamity is a project that focuses on establishing a cryptocurrency exchange place use the printer include in various services and ensure the primary advantages of developing a cryptocurrency market, while avoiding the complications and risks arising from ownership of such cryptocurrency, transfers and exchanges.
The exchange may be carried out directly between the interested persons without intermediaries! We believe in decentralization of cryptocurrencies, absence of remedy for cryptocurrencies by any central authorities.
Efficiency and security are 2 of the most main reasons of the loan. An interesting feature is how the rate of exchange is tied to the values that are collected from other exchanges. This will allow a fair selling price of the cryptocurrency being traded. Other services that can now be provided by Streamity are investment and educational resources, analysis, and news.

Purpose of Streamity
We give priority to users and community. Our mission to be able to contribute into development for this crypto-community equity. We will develop a reasonable and completely transparent StreamDesk service for exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies without intermediaries, which help save your money, and will protect our users from fraud, so common for this market, with smart jobs.

StreamDesk Key Features :
-Smart Contract
-The free Crypto community
-Confidentiality in Payments / Transactions
-Low Commission in Transaction
-Simple and straightforward in the process of Crypto Transaction
-Legality of operation is assured
-The services provided are balanced light and portable exchange rate

Solution accessible project Streamity
-Streamity has launched a token named as Streamitytoken (STM), using which all of the transactions in order to be carried inside ecosystem of Streamity.
-Offers a response of StreamDesk service, a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currency under the supervision of smart-contract.
-Offers perfect P2P cryptocurrency exchange items.
-Protects transactions with small-contracts.
-Offers global service & has the worldwide presence.
-Offers accessibility of 24×7 for its seamless and efficient performance.
-The feature of small-contract in this project assistance with secure transactions for its buyers also as home owners.
-Before the transaction procedure, it verifies the identity of consumer for ensuring full proper protection.

– There will be requirement for the project’s services under any cryptocurrency market medical conditions.
– Advancement of STREAMITY services and the influx of new users will create a steady demand for STM.
-STM tokens end up being open traded on market cryptocurrency exchanges that might most likely make them in order to new users and let investors to sell them quickly.
-Input of fiat money in order to change markets and its withdrawal is far more profitable if you use “STREAMDESK” service, thanks to the convenience, low commissions and market prices of the tokens.
-Threat of manipulating STM tokens’ rates is minimized being a result the reserve fond containing STM tokens and fiat currencies.
– Each holder possessing more than 1250 STM will acquire set of privileges and will be furnished with even lower commissions over the “STREAMDESK” basis.

Among the undisputed advantages from cryptocurrency, you’re able to note the following:
Cryptocurrency is quite stable. Could be not subjected to depreciation, because its number is strictly reserved.

Thanks into the special technology, wallets cryptocurrency store all the transaction development. Any user
can see all transactions of any crypto-wallet and balance, knowing his series.

Cryptocurrency can not be solid.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t tied on the name and address.The movement is not controlled by banks and tax lawmakers.

Cryptocurrency turnover is not subject to public authorities and authorities.

It is important to note that the” storage ” of cryptocurrency has differences without the pain . storage of funds staying with you. The difference is that you can not freeze an account with cryptocurrency, and in relation to cryptocurrency doesn’t exist periods and banking days. And hence, accessibility of funds is ensured by 100%.

The pre-ICO starts on 21st of January 2018. The presale offers an extra-ordinary 30% discount. The tokens can released on Ethereum blockchain using the ERC 20 standard. There will be a grand total of 186 million tokens. The tokens ignore official ticker, STM. Price per token is $0.2. You can contribute in ICO with BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, USD and EUR. This is usually a mix of fiat and crypto options. Investors can make profit by selling tokens on secondary markets. The ICO begins on 12th March 2018. Presale offers 30% discount and ICO offers at least 20%.

The hard cap of ICO sale in second phase between 16th April 2018 is ready minimum at 25 million STM bridal party. This phase will end on 29th April 2018. 70% of the STM tokens will be sold towards participants for this ICO sale whereas 25% to the c’s of Streamity, 3% possibly be reserved for reward programs and 25 for advisors and male partners.

May 2017
Creation of Streamity project ideas

August 2017
The prototype of StreamDesk is complete
Backend and user accounts are developed

QI 2018
ICO Begins
Launch StreamDesk and marketing campaigns

Q2 2018
Educational, information and analytical launches and investment resources STREAMITY

Q4 2018
Launch and exchange of cryptocurrency

Q2 2019
Launch Streamity Mobile version

Q4 2019
Creation of own payment system and integration with STREAMDESK service


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