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The emergence of technology in the media has affected them in an important way.

The emergence of technology in print media, television and radio has been great and has affected them in an important way.

The print media has been, perhaps, the most affected by the Internet and social networks. For example, in the case of the attack in Barcelona, all relevant information was uploaded to cyberspace minutes after this unfortunate fact occurred. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are social media in which you can perceive how users are a real competition from journalists, as they report on what is happening in the world in a short time.

The problem is that in these sources, the possibility of finding information that is not credible is high. Interviews, research and opinion columns remain very important. When you read information on the Internet, the reader can choose the one you want and when you want, what does not happen in the printed media, because these give you know only what they consider important, and thus, you have no option to select anything different.

The television is also being affected by the TV OTT service (‘ Over the Top ‘), as it is said to be seen on the internet, such as Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and other similar. The OTT TV is growing very quickly and is much cheaper than subscription television. Note that if you are using many applications of OTT, such as HBO, Hulu, Netflix, which charge a monthly, the total of all charges may not be very cheap. Many content generators have launched an application and charge to see their programs.

The radio is, in my opinion, the least affected. There are applications that allow the user to listen to stations from all over the world. In music there are many applications that allow you to hear, paying a small monthly sum, great content in high quality. Satellite Radio is a modality that exists years ago, but has not taken off as expected. Stations that can be heard on the internet are already something very popular. It is important that they all get into cyberspace by opening their streaming channel and leaving their programs stored for a few days so that they can hear days after they have been issued.

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