TokenLend Decentralized Lending Platform

TokenLend may be a Platform that focuses on providing investment instruments and assets loans victimisation varied forms of cryptocurrency. The TokenLend platform permits everybody to take a position safely and well by serving to them build secure loan-based investment portfolios and supply competitive, certain, and consistent refund rates. TokenLend uses Blockchain technology as associate evolution of crowdfunding platforms and fundraising to create it a lot of economical and accessible. TokenLend makes it simple for individuals to access reliable investment and loan instruments victimisation Blockchain as a base.
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The resolution
The idea for TokenLend resulted from a end result of our investment expertise yet as our Brobdingnagian expertise in computer code development. Our goal is to create a sturdy and reliable system that has a whole fund loaning service for all parties concerned. TokenLend can offer anyone across the world the power to take a position in assets secured loans victimisation varied crypto and order currencies. Our platform can take away the uncertainties that tiny investors commonly face by serving to them build a secured loan based mostly investment portfolio that delivers a competitive, certain and consistent come back. The platform can contain a listing of rigorously chosen and pre-checked secured loans obtainable for investment. TokenLend can solely settle for loans from sure EU loan originators. The presence of a legal entity as a counter party can permit US to require necessary measures beforehand to receive timely payments by the investor and mitigate the chance of default. TokenLend personnel can re-validate data received by the loan conceiver, as well as the borrower’s personal details, pledge data, appraisal and LTV quantitative relation.

What we have a tendency to offfer?
Credit Portfolio — TokenLend stage are going to be discharged with a pre-organized summing up of secured advances from sure EU advance originators, and simple to grasp interface for our future accomplices. At the first stage, we’ll acknowledge simply mortgage credits with the foremost dependable land properties as a promise. it’ll allow to accomplish the most effective hazard/pay associate incentive for our shoppers.

Optional Market — TokenLend can have a loan Note (LPN) advertise (i.e. “Optional Market”) wherever shoppers will exchange continuous ventures for fast liquidity.

Decentralized design — Platform’s business explanation can use all blessings of blockchain innovation by utilizing Ethereum confiscate record. talking to every protest as an excellent contract and taking part in out all operations as token exchanges between Ethereum delivers can accomplish exceptional security, reputability, and safety of framework data.

TLN Token
During the Initial Coin giving (ICO) campaign, TokenLend can supply Lend Coin (TLN) tokens purchasable. TLN tokens area unit a digital illustration of the proper to associate exclusive membership on the TokenLend platform. TLN holders have a ability to take a position the required quantity of funds from their account into any of the obtainable loans listed on the TokenLend P2P platform. The account balance on the platform represents the quantity of TLN tokens keep within the Ethereum case of the member’s TokenLend account at any given time. TLN tokens are going to be tradeable outside of the TokenLend platform. Since they’re ERC-20 tokens, they’ll have associate inherent price on exchanges. Tokens purchased throughout the ICO campaign can offer 2 forms of financial gain for holders. Token holders will use TLN to take a position in any loan listed on the platform and receive financial gain like every alternative platform user. However, solely ICO participants can receive an everyday share of the financial gain from the platform’s operation. Holders of TLN token area unit bound to receive a share of the company’s profits. The distribution size are going to be determined by the proportion of tokens associated to every member’s account on the date of the payment.
The licensed practical nurse market can permit users to trade LPNs between each other, this can be solely obtainable to registered users. Users don’t seem to be duty-bound to sell at the first licensed practical nurse principal value, they’ll submit sell orders for specific LPNs at their desired value in TLN.
Users may also add comments and details concerning the LPNs to be sold . All transactions are going to be performed by causation TLN from one address to a different. The LPNs are going to be thought of sold once the TLN group action is confirmed by Ethereum network and at that purpose the LPNs’ owner is modified mechanically.

Earlier than the crowdsale begins, TLN tokens may be minted by the TLN smart contract. the total amount of tokens may be distributed inside the subsequent method:

7% of all tokens may be bought throughout the pre-sale. All pre-sale members don’t seem to be getting to only have a break to shop for TLN tokens at specific reductions, however, may have the distinctive correct to require half inside the platform’s beta testing section and acquire funding financial gain prior to another token holders.

75% of tokens may be distributed throughout the ICO. All unsold tokens may be burned.

three% of tokens may be granted to our licensed and consultive crew for his or her contribution. These tokens may be locked* for a 12-month interval./

14% of tokens may be assigned to the TokenLend founders and core crew. five hundredth of these tokens may be locked* for a 24-month interval, and therefore the remaining five hundredth may be locked* for forty eight months.

Token Sale Particulars

✓ Participants willing to contribute to the development of the TokenLend platform can do so by using cryptocurrencies and other payment methods listed on the Website

✓ Total number of tokens: 473,466,667 TLN

✓ Contributors receive TLN tokens at the rate of 2,500 TLN per ETH

✓ Contributors will receive bonus tokens during the pre-sale and crowdsale as described below.

✓ The sale will begin on the 26th of March 2018

✓ The contribution period will run for 45 days

✓ The pre-sale will start on the 1st of March 2018 and run for 11 days and will be capped at 11,047 ETH with a minimum contribution of 1 ETH

✓ During the ICO token sale, there will be soft cap of 20,000 ETH and a hard cap of 140,000 ETH.

✓ All unsold tokens will be burned

✓ TLN tokens received mby contributors will be transferable 7 days after the end of Initial Coin Offering campaign.

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