WORLD WI-FI — Access wi-fi with larger user capacity

What is WORLD WI-FI?
Their platforms use technology that collects and analyzes the customer’s personal information and passes it to advertisers, UN agency ar their target market, that is extremely profitable. Blockchain technology can build it potential to enter into agreements between the parties concerned in nedorogo and make sure that the parties haven’t any collateral along, victimization good contracts.

There are 3 keys within the chain
Guest users — You will open Wi-Fi access points rather than free Wi-Fi, came upon security, and hook up with the web to ascertain your ads.
Owner of the router — secure access to the web via a wireless fidelity guest access purpose and receive payment from advertisers.
Advertiser-Displays ads that reach the target market through the owner’s router, wherever the advertizer pays the owner of the router.
Supporting blockchain
The data in respect of tokens, transactions and ads is unbroken within the shared blockchain to make sure transparency and reliance between the network and relevant participants.
Token usability
Transactions ar conducted with a virtual currency — utility tokens. Tokens ar emitted in ICO (Initial Coin Offering). they will be reborn into any world currency (fiat money) or cryptocurrency. Tokens ar a virtual product for easy settlements and transactions.
Smart settings
The advertising network maintains the conversion statistics for the whole network of the connected access points. this enables the network to mechanically choose associate access purpose (or a bunch of access points) which might attractiveness to the advertizer. The network additionally options the potential of setting a preference for the access points with the minimum price of the ad approved for publication and to screen over the ads that don’t seem to be appropriate for the relevant audience as proven by the statistics findings (such as x-rated).

How World Wi-Fi Operates

World Wi-Fi is a blockchain-based decentralized platform for users and advertisers. This chain has three key components:

  • Guest User, a person who connects to the open network access point and after viewing ads may use the Internet free of charge.
  • Router owner provides access to the open network and makes money by connecting guest users.
  • An Advertiser broadcasts ads to its target audience and pays to the router owner

When connected to the system, the router creates and makes on the market for guests an additional network. it’s isolated from the in-home network on the code level therefore those connected to the network won’t have access to the computers on the most network of the router owner.
The router owner might set parameters, that ar similar temperament to a public network (speed, most variety of connections, variety of ads to be viewed, and others).
When connecting to the guest network, guest users can see targeted ads, that probably attractiveness to them.
The router owner’s financial gain depends on United Nations agency the users of his guest network ar and on what number ads they read. the planet Wi-Fi platform analyzes location, social media profiles, search history, and alternative parameters needed for activity targeting. once there’s a sign of the next financial gain guest on this network the additional tokens ar issued and effectively, the additional the ad views can value the advertisers.

DECEMBER 2017 — JANUARY 2018 Fundraising and campaigning

FEBRUARY 2018 ICO and Fundraising and campaigns are completed

MARCH 2018 — APRIL 2018 Token listed on the World Wi-Fi platform exchanges launched

AUGUST 2018 — DECEMBER 2018 All major areas covered by the new Community

JUNE 2018 Software development completed for major private brand Wi-Fi Router

MAY 2018 — JUNE 2018 Worldwide publicity campaign to raise awareness among advertisers about Wi-Fi World

During ICO, the ERC20 token will be sold. 1 WeToken = 10 ad impressions on World Wi-Fi = $ 0.1 — on ICO stage. Currently, the intermediate market price of 10 targeted ad impressions in Wi-Fi networks is $ 0.3. Therefore, the original price discount is included in the token price during ICO.
To encourage interested owners, advertisers and investors, we will start pre-selling with a 20% bonus in November. In the pre-sales and ICO stages we will also distribute the first referral link. ICO is scheduled for late January 2018.

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