ZUFLO.IO is Integrated Trading and Financing Platform on Blockchain / Sidechain with Financing, FX and AI Features. Zuflo.io aims to function as trading & Financing platform for its 4.0 era using technologies like blockchain & artificial intelligence to decrease the number of counterparties, thus reducing the price of services and for the end user together side state of an art brand new trading & Lending features.

Why Zuflo.io is on Blockchain?
Blockchain enables an amount of confidence grow”. Notably, within the fiscal industry, blockchain technology has a big effect. Buyers and sellers need to have mechanisms they can understand and hope to handle their financing, and blockchain will be very actively indulged in that area.
With no Blockchain, SME creditors cannot:
> Launch company fast and provide new value propositions
> Boost profits and spreads
> Perform real time accounting
> Profit a 360 degree view of every customer
> Mine data and supply real time client dashboards and reporting

P2P version is employed for the delivery of diverse services on this platform. Another important feature of the platform is the accessibility to the financing and lending. Ethereum Smart arrangement is utilized for the verification and tracking of the issued loans into the different parties on the platform. AI based application processing and confirmation are all conducted on the stage. The credit history, loan repay capability and collateral are all stored on the blockchain to give immutability of data. Reduced trade fee, scalability, transparency, interoperability and faster trade are a few of the numerous qualities of this platform.
These benefits will also trickle down to the end user to guarantee each person appreciates only success in there trading and finance. The platform will go a step farther to allow the many different users to improve the efficacy, time saving, error decrease, and even the straight through processing with no usage of any intermediaries. This can be possible thanks to this artificial-intelligence they have put inplace.
Zuflo can also be used as a trading option, because:
-Easing Entrance to Cryptotrade
-Instance of FIAT & Crptocurrency Exchange
-Trade-on-the-Go Functionality
-Contemporary Trading Features (Position, Currency Exchange, DEX, etc)

How ZUFLO Works?
Zuflo delivers an ecosystem which enables its users give money to applicants contrary to existing assets, and those without asset will continue to be able to lend money using Ethereum’s smart contract tech. This borrowing and lending network is likely to enable users manage the assets they have on blockchain in procuring loans.
Along with the, Zuflo users are anticipated to enjoy a traditional banking feature of depositing digital assets. However, in the next phase, the stage is anticipated to offer investment banking services that include, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), advisory solutions for wealth management, etc..

Controls of ZFL
Caution Key: ZFL Money is a membership crucial in Zuflo Exchange and Financing platform.
Bonus & pay outs: User can use ZFL, to take part in the ZFL shared bandwidth pool to receive weekly or monthly Bonuses.
Tokenization me an: Entities and people would allowed to get”tokenized” or listed in Zuflo.
Commission Disbursement: The wise contract powered ZFL would allow smooth allocation and distribution to Referrals.
Finance Issuance: Finance to the SME specially retail industry, on Proof Business Identity foundation, will likely be allocated to the creditors from ZFL token.

Differentiators of Zuflo for their investors and token holders
• INVEST WITH EXPERTS: united funds right into Block-chain & AI based revolutionary technologies becoming the greatest global online FIAT/Crypto investment group with specialists
• INVEST SAFELY: Maintain a securities industry and funds transfer they’ll utilize beyond bank-grade security procedures.
• INVEST WITH PROTECTION: One of a kind pooled investment arrangement & insurance features are getting proficient amount protections.
• MULTI CURRENCY: incorporated with the top Cryptocurrency can be readily invested and raise investment on your favorite FIAT currency system.
• BORDERLESS: Together with busy entrepreneurs and investors out of several nations, Zuflo’s community will soon be truly worldwide performance.

ICO Token
The company has designed a token that’s called the ZFL. It is a token that has been encrypted together with the very best security you may see on the industry. Plus, the ideal predictability than any token you may notice in the individual blockchain network.
The token will likely be handled by way of a well supported team, which will be based on exactly the Ethereum network. It’s actually a token we fill that will go places because it has high liquidity; thus it’s much easier that it be recorded on the exchanges. This isn’t all whilst the coin has been made interchangeable with the other Ethereum centered tokens in the marketplace.




Website: https://zuflo.io/
Whitepaper: https://zuflo.io/zuflo-whitepapers.pdf
ANNThread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3321718
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Zuflo
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zuflocoin
Telegram : https://t.me/zuflo

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